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A quick update on progress, New Challengers and additional info

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Command Activated

Opening Battlefield Control.....
Battle Control Exstabished

Verify General Name.....
SmasherJackson, Secondary Allied Nations OAT Command
Verification Complete

Opening News Files:
Yes, its feeling abit slow, but we're getting back into the heat. However were closing in on some close contacts with some Minor Factions, these are inspired by the Minor Factions from Red Alert 3 Paradox. We currently have some small intel about these mysterious groups which have been fighting the 4th Reich of Yuri in Russia and the New Andes Armada Government forces in South America.

Opening Database:

Martollo Cartel:
Settled in around the early 2010's by the mysterious Kurtis Martollo, the Martollo Cartel is one of South America's largest crime factions in the world. Backed up by the GLRF, they are not known why they were fighting up against the Andes Armada.

New Challenger Approaching

The Russian Resistance:
Formed to face off against the Forth Reich of Yuri, they are not happy about the Reich taking office in Russia. They fight along side with Russian made equipment from the Kalini Crisis, they were brought together by the Russian Premier (Who Yuri Prounounced dead by order), but didn't live to see the day of war, the Russian Resistance is under care of the Company of Liberty and OAT Personnel.

Notable Vehicles:

T-83 "Rhino" MBT

Russian Resistance

BTR-80 "Quantum" Amphibious Crawler

Russian Resistance

MAZ-7310 "Uragan" SCUD Launcher - Pre-Second Eurasian Conflict

Russian Resistance

Closing Database:
We won't know what happen when we enter these areas which are occupied by the factions listed above, Organisations Against Terrorism experts say that the Resistance will fight along side the Company of Liberty in honour of the Motherland. But be aware of the Martollo Cartel, they are known to be fighting Company Peacekeepers, Andes Armada government units and North American forces whilst they are trying to claim South America.

That'll be all, commander.
Closing News Files.

End Transmission
Battlefield Control Terminated
Signing Off

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