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Play the new patch of Super Buckyball Tournament!!

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May Patch

The May patch is just around the corner and for those of you that haven´t been following us for the past few weeks, here is an update on all the cool things you can expect in a few days.

As you may remember, we announced our newest character Bubba a while back with some information on how we designed him and why we felt the need for such a character.

New character:

Since then we have changed his name to Gridiron, and we feel it sounds way cooler.

What do you guys think?

Here is a more detailed description on how to play this character, with his abilities and basic strategies. As mentioned before, this guy was made to be a goalkeeper and he has quite a few skills designed to make him stronger for this position.

  • His size: Gridiron is a very wide character and he covers a much larger proportion of the goal. Not only is he the widest character, but he is also the tallest, being a couple of centimeters taller than R47.
  • His Shield is called Line of Scrimmage and it allows Gridiron to use 3 different abilities besides his ultimate.
  • The first is Plasma Screen which makes him able to cover an even larger portion of the goal.
  • The second is Shockwave which pushes the ball and other characters away from Gridiron.
  • The third is Hail Mary which consumes the remaining Ability Points (AP) to create a magnetic field which pulls in the ball and then sends it flying out when released.

These three abilities all use AP which are obtained throughout the game.

Gridiron can get AP in 3 different ways:

  1. Ball hog: Gridiron gains AP when he hits the ball.
  2. Punching Bag: Gridiron gains AP after he body blocks the shot.
  3. Gameday: While not using abilities, Gridiron slowly generates AP overtime.

Garbage Day is the name of Gridirons ultimate. It’s function is very similar to Hail Mary, but instead of just the ball, it pulls in everything and with a strong force shoots it back out.

An explanation of Gridiron and his skills can be seen in this video

Dragon Stadium

In this patch our new Dragon Stadium is released. Unlike the Great Harbor Arena, which has a more “underground” feeling to it, the new Dragon Stadium is where the real big games are played.

If you missed out on our previous article which covered how the Dragon Stadium was designed, you can read it here:

Or if you just really want to see what it looks like, you can check out our Dragon Stadium Trailer here:

New music

Are you ready to kick back and enjoy these funky vibes for next time you are hanging out in our game lobby? This sweet tune is made by Sean Garavan, a handsome English producer who makes music that will melt your heart.

Check out our lobby music here

Rocket Fist

How about a new item to bring out more chaos and variety to the game? Rocket fist is perfect for this purpose. Similar to Iron Ball, when you see the lock on symbol on the ball, you can fire of a rocket that punches to ball out of the hands of your opponents.

Pink Buff

Pink has not been picked that much recently and we have noticed that especially in our more competitive tournaments she is rarely picked. We think it is a shame to leave her on the bench, so we have hired a personal trainer for her, and she is now in tip top shape!

- After many hours on the treadmill, she is now much faster than before. In fact, she is so fast now that she can almost compete with Pai. Of course, only if he doesn’t cheat and use his Light Dash.

- Pinks ultimate has been upgraded as well. Well in fact it is already really strong, so we have just made it a bit smoother than before.

- Pinks right click ability, the Color Cannon has had its animation time shortened. This means that she is now able to shoot it out faster than before.

- And finally, we have increased the charging speed of her color cannon. So she will be able to use it a lot more often than she was able to previously.

So, don’t be shy to pick Pink from now on, she won’t bite. Or will she?

And don’t forget to join our community on Discord to meet new friends to play with:

Happy gaming!!!

- The Devs

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