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On Friday May 25th the May update will be available and what a better place to spend it than a new city map!

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On Friday May 25th the May update will be available and what a better place to spend it than a new city map!

Welcome to Buellt Colony

Buellt Colony is an older mining colony, once considered a hot bed of rebel activity. This large map is bisected be a flowing river, a man made construct from the original mining days. The buildings provide good cover for ambush attacks and there are a few fortified walls left over from the UEC sweep of the colony.

This new map supports both Arena and Siege game modes.

Arena Mode


The play area is restricted to a smaller 4 sqkm area in the heart of the map, with multiple ammo stations placed through out. Great for a larger number of players or for players that want more of a ‘hide and seek’ challenge with their opponents.

Siege Mode


The play area is expanded to encompass the full 25 sqkm size of the colony. There are two ammo stations, though they are quite a ways from the normal path of action. Direct lines to enemy HQs can be taken be following the river path. This path, while direct and fast, leaves you open to ambush fire from both of the river bank sides. The more populated flanks hold lots of larger buildings to dodge and weave between and a few elevated hills can provide excellent vantage points for sniping approaching enemies. Given the large size of the map, a large CommSys array and multiple scouts are highly recommended. You can’t kill what you can’t find.

Ammo Stations

Ammo stations have received an update. When entering an ammo pad, you will be locked in place during the reload. You will remain locked for as long as it takes to reload all your weapons. During a weapons reload, you will be unable to fire it. This can make you very open to incoming fire, so be careful when using them! Not all weapons reload at the same rate. Weapons that are done reloading, will be able to fire. This is even true if you are still waiting on other weapons to finish reloading. You can see an example below.

Other Improvements

Garage: Clicking the paint color panel will now snap the paint selector to the clicked location.

Garage: The load MAV and save MAV menus can now be toggled by clicking the Load and Save buttons

Gameplay: Stuttering on the MAV cockpit when turning has been significantly reduced

Gameplay: A bug that caused the mouse cursor to be stuck in the middle of the screen during gameplay has been fixed

Audio: Chain guns and machine guns will now respect your audio settings

Options: Options will now save when leaving the options menu, even without clicking the close button.

Options: A bug that prevented options from being loaded correctly was fixed

Options: VOIP settings have been exposed in the options menu

Main Menu: Achievements can now be viewed in your player profile

Main Menu: A bug that allowed the tool tip display to stay permanently visible has been fixed.

Main Menu: A bug that would cause the login fields to rapidly cycle focus has been fixed

Balance: Increasing weight of Chaingun from 1348 to 1712 to bring it in line with other heavy weapons

Balance: Spike weapons have received an increase in heat damage threshold, from 100 to 250

This is our first update working as a team it was quite an experience putting it together for you! I know you are going to enjoy it and we can’t wait to see your comments and videos showcasing the changes. Be sure to share them down below in the comments section!

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