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Math Mind is an educational game in which you have to Pick up the correct numbers from a grid that satisfy given equation. Be Aware a single wrong step can take you far away, so take each step by thinking twice.

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The premise of the game is simple. The goals are given and you have to pick up the correct numbers from the grid to achieve your goal. If the result of the equation is same as current goal, you will be moved to the next goal.

mathmind2 mathmind10

As you can see in the above picture, There are 8 packs and each pack contains more levels. You have to complete all the levels to unlock next pack.

In the first pack, you are required to achieve three goals. when you unlock next pack, level of the difficulty also increases.

mathmind3 mathmind4 mathmind5

Before getting started, It will guide you how to play.

Screenshot 2016 11 09 12 50 10

As you can see, There are three goals to achieve. After completing first Pack you will get more goals to achieve.

Screenshot 2016 11 09 12 50 19

You have to unlock new packs to get more goals. This will increase your thinking skills and improve your mathematical skills.


If you get stuck, you can use hints. if you have not left with enough hints you can get more hints by purchasing it on the Math Mind store.

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