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Match-Making and Turn-Taking prototype is complete.

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Match-Making and Turn-Taking are now working using an authoritative server implemented as a RESTful API written in Python and a Couchbase database and caching layer. Until I figure out how to upload YouTube videos, here are some screenshots to show the networked gameplay. All graphics are placeholder assets. This prototype demonstrates a proof-of-concept client-server gameplay. I am tracking towards a September release of the First Playable Build with all game mechanics and card content complete using placeholder assets.


At the beginning of the match, player 1 (‘bill’) controls the Kaiju in the lower-left and player 2 (‘thomas’) controls the Mecha in the upper-right. Each player is using a different Unity client and logged in with a different account.


Bill selects his Kaiju.


Bill searches for a destination tile for his Kaiju.


Bill confirms a destination and the Kaiju moves to that tile. This part is actually animated.


The Kaiju finishes moving (Bill’s client calls turnbasedmatches/turn) and it is Thomas’ turn.


Thomas selects his mecha.


Thomas searches for a destination tile for his Mecha.


Thomas confirms a destination tile for his Mecha.


Thomas’ Mecha finishes moving and it is Bill’s turn.

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