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MasterHero Mod 2.4.2 is Released. Download Full Setup or Update Through Mod Launcher, Get the Latest Features Now !

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MasterHero Mod 2.4.1 Update Released (10-May-2020)


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To get Latest Version (2.4.2)

2.4.2 Version Full Setup Below

MasterHero Mod HD 2.3.7

or Update through Mod Launcher

Latest Update Logs:

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Update 2.4.2 :- (28-May-2020)

# Mod DB Changes:

* New html design implemented in Mod DB official MasterHero Mod webpage (is it the best design for ROTWK Mods webpages or what !?)

# Launcher Changes:

* Mute functionality upgrade: now launcher will save last settings of mute button so next time you start the launcher it will remember last mute settings whether it was On or off

* Changed Logo of MasterHero Mod to New design (icon/launcher)

* Replaced Launcher background Picture of Boromair to a new background

# Gameplay Changes:

* Enabled "Force Skirmish AI":
- This Setting is to Force AI to not be idle at the start of the game, this should prevent AI from stop moving or doing nothing
- It might help with End game defense only mechanism, where AI stops attacking and only defends (experimental)

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Sell All Updates Logs here:
Update Logs

See All Mod Features here:

Main Features Link

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Download the new version now ..

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