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Hot off the press, this news post by Spazzo from details upcoming changes to the Master Server system, making finding the right match easier than ever.

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Spazzo wrote: With the release of v2.0.5 right around the corner, I’d like to take the time now to introduce and explain one of our most dramatic changes to how the master server works, to give you guys some foresight to the changes that lay ahead of you.

The Master Server system has been heavily revised. We have implemented a “room” system, allowing you to filter your possible server choices to suit your preference. The separate rooms will have different rules and allow us to support more people’s games on the master server. Should you not want to use this system, you can opt to view all the servers on the MS and ignore the filtering system.

At launch, there will be two rooms (names subject to change):

Standard Room - The standard room is for normal netgames using official gametypes. This room is pretty similar to the master server as it is now, aside from a few rule tweaks and edits.

Casual Room – The casual room is a more relaxed room. The majority of the current MS rules are ignored here. Custom gametypes, role playing, chatting, and other things that have been traditionally banned from the master server are allowed and encouraged here.

The master server rules will of course be completely rewritten to handle this, with most of the rules being completely thrown out. Should you attempt to set up a role play/chat server in the standard room, for instance, your server will simply be deleted from the server list. We hope that these changes will help to streamline the multiplayer experience overall.

These changes (among others) should make it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking in an internet match.
Be sure to keep an eye on both this profile and for further updates. Enjoy!

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