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Was Himmler a master? Would he win in a race? If you're hoping to get answers to these questions, well, bad luck

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Hello, hello. While I'm still working on (and gathering information for) a larger release, here's a bit of an in-between post. Only one mod ahead, although it is a compilation of multiple scenarios. But does quantity matter at all? Go ahead and judge the mod by its true merits.

What do we have here then? Have you heard of Die Himmler Die, the outstanding mod by Laz Rojas where high quality, professional assets combine with perfect symmetrical mapping to create a magnificent symphony? Well this isn't it. Welcome to the Wolfenstein 3D Master Archive by Chris1201, a tremendous sixty seven maps for the First Encounter, spread over thirteen sub-scenarios. Don't expect epic storylines or new graphics, there's nothing but maps here. And about those maps... I generally try not to be too judgemental - this isn't the review corner after all - but they are not the best thing out there. You can squeeze some fun out of this, but you will also encounter stuff that's entirely out of whack, like giant wide-open spaces with items and enemies sprinkled around randomly, unfinishable levels, game-crashing problems, unobtainable objects, duplicate maps, heck, even duplicate scenarios. The release is '95, which translates to "very early", and as such is reminiscent of a couple archaic PC mapsets I'm familiar with. Very shaky, but then, nobody really had much experience mapping for Mac Wolf at the time.

If you take a look at the included readme, it becomes clear that Chris had a businessman's streak and was selling the full version of the Master Archive (this is apparently just a demo) for $10, promising twice as many scenarios. Paid Wolf mods have an ugly tendency to become irrecoverably lost, so if you were savvy enough to purchase this back in the day, let me know. I won't pay you, but you'll receive the realization that you helped preserve something for a dedicated audience, and that's worth more than money. No, really.

Chris1201. Open map 21 in the editor; he says hello there.

archive 1

archive 2

archive 3

archive 4

archive 5

Wolfenstein 3D Master Archive

This release is accompanied by MacenWolf 1.14, fixing a couple things that are relevant to this scenarios and that you likely wouldn't notice otherwise. The episode selection screen is improved to handle bigger thumbnails and more scenarios per mod (up to 20 now, mein Gott); issues regarding displaying multiple doors side by side are also more or less resolved. Geddit here:

Second Encounter patch

MacenWolf 1.14 Patch for Second Encounter

Third Encounter patch

MacenWolf 1.14 Patch for Third Encounter

Second Encounter full

MacenWolf Second Encounter 1.14

Third Encounter full

MacenWolf Third Encounter 1.14

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