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This article contains all the patch logs from 8.2 to 18.0. I've finally decided after a couple of years to continue updating the game on this site.

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Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Real Mouse support in menus
! New Traits
! New Companion
! New Difficulties
! "Path of Torment" Hall of Fame ranking
! Equipped items no longer spend inventory slots
! Inventory improvements
! Firearm improvements
! Monster improvements
! General polishing

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed the crash with Gunslinger's Ricocheting Shot
! Fixed summoned companions scaling up an extra 1.5 times the monster HPs when summoned
! Fixed Eastdale Tower boss respawning after death when revisiting the area
! Fixed reloading leaving 0 bullets when reloading the rotating pistol with 5 bullets in inventory
! Fixed two-handed weapons being unequipped when equipping something else
! Fixed Unarmed skill being trained by also having a shield in off-hand and no weapon in main hand
* Fixed Songblade giving bonus to Song of Turning without being equipped
* Fixed Aimed Shot not benefitting from Bows proficiency
* Fixed Blunderbuss not benefitting from Firearms proficiency
* Added mention of Constitution being required for firearms in the Attribute descriptions
* Fixed Ricochet's Ricochet not critting
* Fixed Off-hand attack not having the correct proficiency damage bonus
* Added Damage Reduction to Arthudin
* Fixed Shaman's starting Quarterstaff not having a weight
- Fixed Prodigy's slightly wrong bonus description
- Fixed a rounding error when scaling down monsters when a party member dies
- Fixed a very small memory leak in menus

! Some dialogue enhancements, grammar fixes, typo fixes

! Ability to hover menu options with mouse and click them directly, if mouse menus are enabled in the options
! Talents that are active are drawn with gold color in the UI
* Added a lot of titles to dialogues
* Added UI Health and Mana tooltips when hovering the globes with mouse

! Equipped items no longer spend inventory slots
! Equipped items are displayed in a different menu than unequipped

! New Difficulty levels: Story, Easy, and Torment
! Random characters are always with Normal Difficulty
* Adjusted Nightmare and Hell Difficulties

! New Trait: Heir; gives class specific unique starting item
! New Trait: Observant; gives +5% Critical Hit Chance

! New Monster: Blood Knight; a monster that can heal itself from critical hits by the same amount as the damage dealt
! Monsters can spawn up to 3 monsters in a room (chances are 20% for 0, 30% for 1, 40% for 2, 10% for 3)
! Improved Eilinmyr boss fight summon mechanics
* Reduced the chance of having a room without monsters from 33% to 20%
* More possible random names for unique monsters
* Improved End boss fight's end
- Renamed Hellknight to Hell Knight
- Used unique monster names won't generate again

! New Companion: Iris; a pistol firing bard that can buff self, player, and allies

! Added Attribute explanations

Online Features
! Difficulty mode is also uploaded upon victory/death
! Special "Path of Torment" Hall of Fame for Torment/Hardcore/Open World combination winners

! Option to disable or enable the new mouse menus

! Alchemist shop sells ingredients now
* Base cost increased for all potions

* Lowered some ingrendient requirements for crafting

! New Lore: Fragmented God Theory

! Added an alternative reward to the Quest "New Firearm Design"

! 15 new uniques; a class specific heirloom item given by Heir Trait
! Added "Deadfire [1d20+4]" to the Captain merchant selection; a twin barrel musket that can be fired twice before reloading
! Added "Flintlock Revolver [1d12+4, +5 THB]" as a quest reward; a pistol that can be fired five times before reloading
* Rotating pistol can be reloaded still if there are less bullets remaining than it's clip can hold
* Matchlocks become Flintlocks
* Items that provide a light source are labeled with [LIGHT] instead of [+2 FOV]

! More than one summoned ally is possible if they are cast from different spellbooks

* Circular Kick requires now being unarmed

Hardcore Mode
! Potions replenish 5 HP and 5 MP each turn instead of 2 HP and 3 MP

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed the crash when winning the game
! Fixed Chain Lightning to check Shamanic Language instead of Arcane Language
! Fixed Evasion having wrong name (Dodge) and AC bonus in character screen
! Fixed Temple shop selling two same spellbooks which broke the menu
! Fixed casting Battle Orders twice to give double AC bonus
! Fixed Thorns spell bug
! Fixed casting Rally twice to give double damage bonus
* Fixed Abandoned Sawmill having two exits
* Fixed Unending Singularity quest '?' icon being placed in the wrong location initially

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed Talent symbols being red even though there's enough mana to cast them (caused by 17.0 talent mana cost changes)
* Fixed one line of text flowing out of screen in character creation help

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Character creation menu improvements

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed Graveyard feature that caused errors when dying
* Fixed years in death screen

! When choosing an option in character creation to see the details, and then returning to the menu, the previously chosen option is selected automatically
* Signs can be interacted with, they display the sign name in a screen

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Beginner's Guide written by one of the players
! Restart previous characters
! Injuries from receiving critical hits
! New Light Sources
! Return of the unzoomed ASCII mode
! Multi-tile world map villages
! Disease improvements
! Talent improvements
! Companion epilogues
! New Lore
! Single Dungeon Mode improvements

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed a tricky bug that could cause autoexplore to stop working
! Fixed Lava ASCII tiles from green '.' to red '=' or '~'
! Summoned monsters from spellbooks are properly labeled as allies in the context of monsters resurrecting player's enemies
! Rottus Infernum disease properly worsens every six hours instead of every two hours
! Fixed Warlock's Corpse Explosion dealing 1d12 damage instead of 2d8
! Fixed Shaman's Evil Eye slow chance not being tied to player's Level
* Fixed Praying to cure all diseases if there are more than one
* Fixed a smallissue with talent use count related to regenerating mana fully without resting and not being able to rest to gain Talent uses
* Bard song activation messages now display the real duration if the player has Songblade
* Fixed a bug with resurrected monsters that could leave them be visually behind terrain features
* Fixed a bug with the placement of summoned monsters
* Fixed being teleported to Deity Realm when in a quest that cannot be escaped
* Dismissing party members through dialogue or them leaving due to no money will now properly scale enemies down
* Fixed a minor graphical bug in the Demon's Fall Gate
* Fixed Port Victory temple area ASCII area transition symbols
* Fixed stacking "poisoned" conditions where curing removed only one of the conditions leaving the player still poisoned
* Fixed archcleric quest's wrong question mark icon location
* Fixed archaeologist quest's wrong question mark icon location

! Added a beginner's guide that was written by one of the players
! Ability to restart a previous character again; every new character is saved into a template that can be used to start it again
! Added Injuries as an effect from receiving a critical hit
! Added an option to play the ASCII mode without 2x sized text so the screen won't scroll and will display everything in one screen
! Villages are multi-tiled in the world map, with the ability to enter a specific district from the world map
* Increased in-game feedback character limit to 300
* Map window can be both opened and closed with 'm'
* Biography window can be both opened and closed with 'c'

! Added "All-Seeing Eye [+2 FOV]" to the ship merchant, an amulet that works as a light source that also allows rogues to stealth
! Added "Shield of Light [+15 BC, +2 FOV]" to the unique shop in Westerfall (Undershire in Single Dungeon Mode), a shield that works as a light source
! Added "Magical Lantern [+2 FOV]" to possible loot in the main dungeon, requires no oil to work

Single Dungeon Mode
! Shops refresh daily instead of weekly
* Removed lore notes from Single Dungeon mode
* Foreign Coins no longer spawn; instead it spawns gold

! Changed Regeneris Prohib from no regeneration to 33% chance to miss regenerating HP
* Changed Rottus Infernum to reduce Max HP by 3 instead of 1, with the bug fix this is as much as it was in the earlier versions
- Added word "Disease" in the beginning of the disease contract message

! Each companion that survives the fight against the end boss (provided they don't die after it to something else) receive an ending epilogue
! Resting now takes into account if there are hurt companions also
! Melisath's Purify deals 2 damage each turn instead of 1
* Added diary entries when meeting the companions for the first time

! Decay deals 2 damage each turn instead of 1

! Reduced Talent Mana costs from 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 to 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 respectively
! Battle Orders increases ally Armor Class by 10 instead of 5
! Evasion increases Armor Class by 10 instead of 5
! Song of Demoralize lowers Armor Class by 10 instead of 5
! Place Trap is 1d12 damage instead of 1d6
! Rend is 2 damage each turn instead of 1
! Poison Weapon is 2 damage each turn instead of 1
! Cleansing Fire is 2 damage each turn instead of 1
* Rogue Stealth activation message now displays the duration

* Added some clarification dialogue to the quest Lover's End

! Added Concussion, reduces To Hit Bonuses by 10 for 12 hours
! Added Winded, reduces Armor Class by 10 for 3 hours
! Added Dislocated Shoulder, reduces Block Chance by 10 for 6 hours
! Added Sprained Ankle, small chance of movement being prevented when attempting to move for 2 hours

! Added 2 new tiles that transition from grass to water to make shores look better
! Added 24 new village tiles making each village in the world map unique in looks

! Added 3 new Lore entries

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Lore notes
! Increased Talent Damage
! Firearm changes

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed the crash with thrown weapons
! Fixed the crash when buying Scrolls of Phase Door from the stronghold temple
! Fixed a bug that allowed equipping items without meeting attribute requirements if the previous item in the same slot had attribute boosts that allowed to meet the new item's attribute requirement
! Fixed Fire Shield damaging 1 instead of 2 as described
! Fixed a keyboard targeting bug by centering the camera
! Fixed curing diseases only curing one disease if you have multiple diseases
! Cursed items are no longer unequipped if unequipping an item reduces the attribute the cursed item depends on but will be unequipped if it becomes uncursed again
! Fixed a bug in which bolts that increase damage were counted in thrown weapon damage
* Fixed a bug in month changing after a couple of months
* Fixed bullets given in the gunsmith quest being automatically equipped if you don't have any bullets

! Added Lore section to the journal
! Weapon Proficiency gives +3 Damage instead of +1
* Year changes after the last month
* Character has a birthday which causes the age to go up by 1 each birthday (in-game time passes so slowly that death by old age won't happen but I just wanted to implement this)

* Changed the ascii symbols of the Ancient Garden stairs to more clear
* Switched temple altars and clerics around to make access to clerical services easier
* Added a boss to the Darkwind Caves

* Added loot to a certain escort quest
* Changed slightly Port Victory gunsmith dialogue to fit the firearm changes

* Monsters that can age player will age player by 3d3 instead of 1d6

! Added 5 Lore notes that explain the backstory inside the main dungeon
! Removed Gunpowder and Musket/Pistol Bullets, replaced with a historical "Paper Cartridge" that fits both musket types and contains gunpowder and bullet in a single item

! Talent's bonus damage based on character level is up to 10 instead of 5
* Bard's Song of Heroes increases damage by 3 instead of 2
* Alchemist's Heighten Senses increases damage by 3 instead of 2

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Dual rings
! Branch boss rooms connected to the Main Dungeon
! Cook in Stronghold
* XP adjustments
* Longer Message Log visible in the Journal (last 30 entries)

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed items dropped on certain things being hidden from sight
* Fixed a bug in level transitions that happened after the final Stronghold quest
* Fixed finally the targeting issue on the northern and the western border of the map
* Fixed found and the starting lanterns having different price than bought ones
* Fixed the double digit input problem in the Bank
- Fixed a small typo in Dagodin's Musket

! Two rings can be worn at the same time instead of one
* XP is adjusted so that the maximum Level is reached later in the game
* Added a longer Message Log to Journal
- Boots renamed to Feet in character screen
- Ammo renamed to Missile in character screen

* 1 new item for the Port Victory ship merchant

! Added exits back to the dungeon to the branch boss rooms, works two ways but is locked until the respective boss is killed
! Added a Cook to the Stronghold, gives one special food ration each day
* Added a well to the first area of Westerfall

* Toned down slightly some of the late game boss resistances

! Switched Python's xml.etree.ElementTree XML parser to self-written one
! Added support for upcoming lore notes

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Multi-socket items
! Runes
! Runewords
! Ability to send feedback from in-game

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed a bug in autoexplore that caused the player to run between two tiles if there are two unseen tiles at the same distance
! Fixed Gunslinger Talents not removing Bullet or Gunpowder items from inventory if the Talent spends the last Bullet or Gunpowder
! Fixed a crash on identifying cursedness status of missiles if it was cursed
! Fixed a bug where a shield was accidentally placed in main hand if it was in off-hand and main hand weapon was unequipped
! Fixed Mayor of Laketown Tyrant quest giving repeatedly gold if spoken again and again after completing the quest

! Added Feedback option to Main Menu; allows players to send feedback from in-game

! Added Runes in addition to Gems
! Items can have up to two sockets instead of just one
! Shields can have sockets
! Added Runewords that add extra bonuses to equipment in addition to regular bonuses if the Runes inserted form a Runeword
* Studded Leather Armor is renamed into Brigandine
* Increased the chance of finding gems
* Missiles cannot be cursed any more

! Added Thet Rune, adds +6 HP to any socketed equipment
! Added Yu Rune, adds +12 MP to any socketed equipment
! Added Ved Rune, adds +1 DR to any socketed equipment
! Added Es Rune, adds +3 AC to any socketed equipment
! Added Sha Rune, adds +5 RES to any socketed equipment

! Added Runeword "Deliverance"; adds +5 Crit Chance to a weapon if the runes Thet and Ved are inserted in this order
! Added Runeword "Damnation"; adds +5 To Hit Bonus to a weapon if the runes Ved and Yu are inserted in this order
! Added Runeword "Guardian Angel"; adds +10 Block Chance to a shield if the runes Yu and Sha are inserted in this order
! Added Runeword "Flesh"; adds +2 Life on Hit to an armor if the runes Es and Thet are inserted in this order
! Added Runeword "Spirit"; adds +2 Mana on Hit to an armor if the runes Sha and Es are inserted in this order

* Sacrificing items gains 1.5 piety instead of 0.5 per item

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed when choosing weapon proficiency that thrown proficiency option increases firearm damage and vice versa
! Fixed buying 5 scrolls of recall
! Fixed Demon Parts quest when playing a female character
! Fixed War Cry increasing damage by only 1 causing it to permanently lower damage when the Talent ends
* Fixed Overpower's description that indicated the damage increase is 1 instead of 2
* Fixed Exorcism's description that indicated there was no Wisdom bonus to damage
( Fixed earlier with reupload: XP bar reacts to click throughout its length )
( Fixed earlier with reupload: Removing Quest items upon completing a quest no longer crashes )

* Holy Barrier increases Damage Reduction by 2 instead of 1
* Poisonous Gas receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Shield Bash receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Drain Life receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Exorcism receives Wisdom bonus to damage but Level bonus is reduced from Level / 3 to Level / 6
* Holy Pillar of Fire receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Lightning Storm receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Corpse Explosion receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Tornado receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Death Coil receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Cleansing Fire receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Volcano receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Apocalypse receives a damage bonus of Level / 6
* Demonic Grasp receives Charisma bonus to damage but Level bonus is reduced from Level / 3 to Level / 6
* Fire Shield damages by 2 instead of 1

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Greatly optimized performance
! Cultural Talents
! Stronghold
! 5 New Quests
! 7 new Spells
! Rewritten Quest mechanics
! 1 new Background
! Bank is useful once again
! Named Currency
! UI improvements

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed a bug when casting Steady Aim Talent
! Fixed a small memory leak with pathfinding when somebody other than player opens a door
! Fixed a small memory leak when summoning from spellbooks
! Fixed some dual-wield issues
! Fixed a bug with unequipping a CON bonus item and it not unequipping an item that depended on that bonus
! Updated libtcod to prevent some crashes when quitting
! Fixed dehydration damage not happening if starving too at the same time
* Fixed a bug with level memory that stored multiple times the explored tiles when leaving areas
* Fixed a bug where casting scroll of recall didn't store a level in Eastdale
* Added missing "Dehydrated" status effect to the Character screen when dehydrated
- Fixed Port Victory's ASCII arrows that indicate area transitions
- Multiple minor bugs fixed

! Removed generic fantasy name generation from character generation, only background specific names exist now
! The currency is called "Golden Duc" instead of just "Gold Pieces"
! Foreign Coins can be exchanged at the bank
! Stronghold Taxes are paid to the bank
! One tile of travel in the world map lasts 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes, with horse 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes, no changes to food though
! Removed buttons for Map and Character, they are accessed through the journal instead
! Removed empty spaces from the button rows
* Renamed Background to Culture
* Currency is informally called "Duc" or "Ducs" when it makes sense in the dialogues
* Changed Westerfall Cleric's dialogue tree to be similar to others related to the Eilinmyr quest

Cultures (Backgrounds)
! New Background: Zlavgardia, a musket bonus culture
! Background's Ranged bonus no longer affects muskets, instead a new Firearm bonus that's given at background selection does it

! Added Cultural Talents; one Talent for each Culture, can be used once per day

! Weapon cannot be equipped in off-hand if main hand is empty
! Shield cannot be equipped in main hand if off-hand is empty
! Unequipping a weapon in main hand and having a weapon in off-hand will switch the weapon in off-hand to main hand
! Unequipping a shield in off-hand and having a shield in main hand will switch the shield in main hand to off-hand

! Gold Pieces are renamed to Golden Ducs
! Added Foreign Coins items to loot that can be exchanged into regular coins at the bank
* Small Shield renamed into Rondache

! 5 new quests, related to the Stronghold
! Shaman quest reward from the main quest is changed into a new, more satisfying spell, the previous Seer spell is available otherwise
! Mushrooms become quest items, are added into quest items instead of regular inventory, and no longer spawn after picking once
! Quests can now be opened from the quest log to see more details
! Quests are named

! New feature: a player owned castle

! New Divine Spellbook: Summon Skeleton
! New Divine Spellbook: Light; a magical lantern
! New Arcane Spellbook: Summon Blade
! New Arcane Spellbook: Recall; a spellbook version of the scroll
! New Druidic Spellbook: Summon Wisp
! New Demonic Spellbook: Summon Shadowhound
! New Shamanic Spellbook: Ice Storm; the main quest reward for Shaman
! New Shamanic Spellbook: Scrying; the previous quest reward (renamed Seer)
* Scroll of Recall (and the book now) can be cancelled when going from a town to a dungeon

! New Monster: Fruit Bat
! New Monster: Rat

! New Area: Castle of Amon (3 floors)
! New Area: Dungeons of the Castle of Amon (5 floors)
! New Area: Abandoned Sawmill
! New Area: Pond

Previous saves will not work!

Talent and Deity Talent keys are moved to F1-F6 and F12 respectively
Resting is changed so that 'r' does the full rest and there's no short rest anymore

! = major
* = minor
- = less than minor

! Different Game Modes; ability to play the game without any open world RPG features
! Improved shops
! Improved keyboard targeting
! Improved Talent/Deity Talent prompt confirmations
! Improved party members
! Larger inventory
! Improved weapon Quality system
! Furniture for inns and temples
! Upgraded libtcod to 1.6.3 from 1.5.2

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed a bug where a monster could be found in an unexplored area with cursor
! Fixed a bug in the console where moving across rows cleared the command
* Fixed a bug where the menu row selector tile was missing in the smallest ASCII font
* Moved Relgadur's Farm to the other side of the river since demons west of the river doesn't make sense
* Warlord was missing mounted graphic, the horse did work though
* Gloves of Expertise from the shops now increases ranged accuracy too
* Fixed chainmails dropping twice
* Fixed a bug with melee distance targeting going out of reach
* Fixed erroneus text when buying firearms that referred them being -5 THB when they really aren't
* Fixed multiple missing ASCII spell effects
* Fixed traps being displayed with wrong color with ASCII mode, giving them away
* Fixed ASCII mode UI mana bottle interior color when not at full mana
- Fixed a minor harmless bug when praying inside a deity's realm
- Multiple minor non-serious bug fixes

! Game Modes are added: Open World Mode is the same as previous games, but added Single Dungeon mode which is only the main dungeon from the game
! Inventory slots increased to 28 from 25
! Keyboard targeting can be accepted also with the initiated key: for example press 'f' to begin targeting an arrow, and 'f' again to accept the target
! Vi keys are supported for keyboard targeting
! Removed Phase Traps that send deeper into the dungeon
! Wells and Fountains open a dialog instead of starting the action immediately
! Removed short rest, the full rest is now used by 'r' key
! Improved Error Reporting
! Ability to fill waterskins also from the Corrupted Well, it's stupid, but implemented for interactivity reasons
! Ability to accept targeting with 'f' when firing missiles
! Added tables and chairs to inns and temples
! Upgraded libtcod to 1.6.3 from 1.5.2
* Selecting "No" when prompted to abandon the hero will save the game also
* Players start with also 2 Lantern oils
* Autoexplore is optimized to be literally 100x faster
- Items are grouped by 7 instead of 5 to fit the 28 limit in the inventory

! Moved Talent keys from 1-6 to F1-F6 to fix numpad movement regardless of what the numlock is set to
! Moved Deity Talent key from 0 to F12
! Talents casting can be confirmed with the Talent key too
! Deity Talents can be confirmed with the Deity Talent key too

! Ability to disable talent confirmations, pressing the talent key directly starts using the talent
- Cleaned the configuration file

* Nerfed Curwen slightly
* Nerfed Witches slightly

* Freeze effects last one turn less

* Piety fades slower

* Ability to decide the distance the party members keep from the players

* Doubled the amount of Gold received from the Noble trait

! Equipment bought from a shop now disappears from its selection, in the case of unique items, they can be bought only once, and will never reappear in the shops
! Smiths no longer sell unique items, instead a single merchant in Westerfall does it
! New Shop in Westerfall: Timeless Relics, sells unique items
! Shops refresh their stocks once a week on "mondays" at 8 am instead of every day at 8 am
* New unique items added for sale for the captain's shop

! All unique weapons are +4
! Items have "Broken", "Damaged", "Fine", and "Superior" Qualities instead of just "Damaged" and "Superior", and they range from -2 to +2 instead of -1 to +1
! Firearms can spawn inside the main dungeon
! Firearms become Constitution based; Muskets require 3 Constitution, Pistols 0 Constitution
! Filling Waterskins is done through wells/fountains instead of using the Empty Waterskin
! Added Dictionaries to the loot table in the main dungeon
* Firearms have qualities too
* Item Qualities affect the sell values more than previously
* Spears become one-handed
- Missiles spawn more often inside the main dungeon

* Added a fountain to Undershire, mostly for getting water

Previous saves will not work!

* New Class: Warlord: melee class
* New Class: Alchemist: ranged class
* Alternative Ending
* Thrown Weapons
* Improved Manual
* Ability to convert from Hardcore to Standard upon death and continue
* Sleeping
* Improved Party Members
* Mercenaries
* Automatic Bug Reporting

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Spell Penetration no longer affects Deity Talents since they are not actually cast by the *player*
* It is no longer possible to sell an equipped cursed item to smiths to get rid of it
* Cursed items are properly renamed to display (Cursed) before the name when identifying cursedness with altars
* Fixed Poison Cloud's Damage and Resist chances
* Fixed Poison Cloud's effect on the player
* Ranged Accuracy from skills didn't work at all
* It is no longer possible to die of starvation/dehydration when passing out from alcohol
* Fixed bugs with Sylwan's and Melisath's Armor Class being lower than intended
* Fixed party placement crashes
* Fixed a bug in Monk' Peace of Mind
* Fixed bug where difficulty levels did not affect at all the monster Damage Reductions
* Fixed a crash with Sylwan's death
- Smiths no longer recognize cursed unequipped unidentified items
- Fixed the turn description of the Monk's Pain Tolerance
- Fixed a bug in the character screen when non-compatible ammo increases displayed damage
- Fixed some missing "You are about to exit" messages
- Fixed a bug when too many doors spawned around vaults

* New Class: Warlord; a melee class
* New Class: Alchemist; a ranged class
* New Ending: this one's slightly hidden and tricky to achieve
* To Hit Bonus is gained every 10 levels instead of every 6
* Ability to sleep at inns (with half the regular food/water consumption rate) to gain a time limited "Well Rested" bonus that gives +25% XP
* It's possible to convert a dead Hardcore character to a Standard character and continue playing upon death
* Added automatic bug reporting if Online Features are enabled
- Overencumberment prevents movement at 150% of carrying limit instead of 200%
- Base carrying limit is 40 kg instead of 50 kg
- A message is shown when trying to do something when confused/stunned/frozen

Party Members
* Allies are capable of using their own healing potions to heal themselves
* Added mercenaries that function like the "normal" party members, minus all the dialogues

* Side quests are added by killing bosses instead of entering the next section

* Added details about character generation
* Added Tips

* Dual Attribute weapons: currently used in Thrown weapons by requiring both Strength and Dexterity and both increasing damage
* Throwing Dagger: a 1d4 thrown weapon
* Throwing Axe: a 1d8 thrown weapon
* Javelin: a 1d12 thrown weapon

* Healing Powder is instantly used instead of being an item for later use
- Paladin's Holy Shield has a different tile

* Intelligence affects potion brew chance

* Brewing potions can also fail, there's 65% base chance to succeed, with every point in Intelligence giving additional 5%
* More reagents from plants

* Monsters capable of cursing items now curse only equipped items

* Praying quenches thirst if dehydrating

Previous saves will not work!

* Turns are not spent in many situations, for example when just browsing an inventory, cancelling actions or not having requirements met with spells
* Spellbooks have complete descriptions of the spells
* Balancings
* Console feature; powerful debugger

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Traps cannot be generated at tiles containing area transitions or doors any more
* Fixed diseases being cured when changing the level
* Mimics are no longer revealed by the cursor
* Fixed players being frozen from allies getting Frost Bolted
* Monsters capable of resurrecting will no longer resurrect player's allies
* Fixed Bard songs affecting the player
* Fixed the Arcane Book of Confusion's Intelligence requirement
* Shapeshifted Druids can no longer block, cast spells or shoot missiles (see below at Talents)
* It is no longer possible to rest inside Mount Devil's Mouth, it could cause deaths
* Fixed every monster's strength amount, they were too high since I changed the system from 0-15 to 0-6
* Phase Door can no longer teleport the player into areas without walkable exit such as locked houses
- Fixed Jinxia's Talent's gold remove
- Arrows/Bolts can no longer be fired into a wall so that a recoverable missile will spawn
- Fixed Time Stop's graphics
- Druid and Shaman start with their quarterstaffs equipped
- Blood Magic's description was fairly unclear
- Removed debug message when Curse ends

* Just browsing the inventory no longer spends a turn
* Cancelling targeting no longer spends a turn
* Resistance is gained every 6 levels instead of every 3 levels
* If there's an enemy/companion in a cursor targeted tile that has other objects, its name is always drawn instead of the underlying things
* Added Console feature that can manipulate objects, fix bugs etc. It's use is undocumented since it can also break stuff
* Changing tiles with a party member no longer cancels automove

* Strength bonus now depends on the weapon, it's 1.5x when wielding a two-handed weapon and 0.5x when dual-wielding
* Intelligence allows the learning of new languages

* Shields have Armor Penalty now, Small Shields have none, Kite Shields have 5, and Tower Shields have 10
* Increased the prices of the goods at the captain's shop
* Missiles are more expensive

* Increased slightly the Armor Class of monsters in the Ancient Ruins and in Hell

* Increased the amount of actions needed to increase Skills a little, previously reaching the maximum Skill level was fairly quick

* Adjusted all mana costs (mostly increased)
* All Area of Effect spells can be targeted at the player's location
* A turn is not spent if all necessary requirements are not met to cast the Spell
* Immolation is renamed to Decay, and undead will be immune to it

* All Area of Effect talents can be targeted at the player's location
* A turn is not spent if all necessary requirements are not met to use the Talent
* Shapeshift's damage is increased at levels 9 and 18, instead of 6 and 12
* Light Step renamed to Careful Step
* Backstab Mastery gives +10 THB instead of +5
* Unarmed Parry gives +10 BC instead of +5
* Magical Armor, Armor of Faith, and Shadow Armor give +10 AC instead of +5
* Holy Shield gives +10 BC instead of +5
* Shapeshift can be cancelled by casting it again to allow again spellcasting / missile shooting

* Deity Talents can be resisted
* Hammer of Justice has slightly lower duration

Previous saves will not work!

* Improved Skill system

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Removed again the messages from standing on a door
* Fixed at least three crashes
* Fixed multiple situations where attack rolls were compared "greater" than armor class instead of "greater or equal"
- Corrected the tooltips

* Constitution now affects Resistance too with 1 Constitution being 5 Resistance
* Dexterity is now capable of avoiding traps
* Character screen shows now Passive Talents with effects
* Skills have been compressed to 0-5 from 1-9 with levels 1,3 & 5 giving a bonus to damage and 2 & 4 giving a bonus to accuracy
* Progress of how much of the character generation is complete is shown at the bottom of the character generation

* Alchemical ingredients (herbs, distilled waters) now go into their own menu and no longer use inventory slots

* Thorns becomes 1d3 instead of 1

- Rogue's Stealth minimum duration is 50 turns instead of 30
- Rogue's Light Step reveals traps instead of ignoring
- Cleric's Aura of Holiness damages 1d3 instead of 1
- Warlock's Corruption damages 1d3 instead of 1
- Paladin's Aura of Regeneration renamed to Aura of Life
- Mage's Spell Penetration renamed to Focused Mind
- Druid's One with Nature renamed to Nature Bond
- Shaman's Guided by the Spirits renamed to Spirit Guide

Previous saves will not work!

* More intuitive Attribute system
* Better monster target selection
* New Unique Items

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed crash with spiders
* Fixed a bug with ranged monsters preferring to shoot at the player even behind walls if they saw an ally but not the player
* Higher level enemy casters can target allies too
- Fixed Ranged and Firearm skill increase messages
- No more damages with decimals
- Encumbrance no longer has ridiculous amounts of digits

* Attribute points are given only every three levels, but each of them gives a +1 bonus instead of previously it being +1 bonus for every 3 points
* Attribute point limit lowered from 15 to 6

* Adjusted every item's Attribute requirements
* Unique unidentified equipment are identified upon Hardcore death
* Used lanterns become refillable, so only one will be required, this will save precious inventory space
* New Item: Lantern Oil; fills Lanterns and are stackable
* Removed Torches
* 4 New Unique Items at shops and monster drop tables

* Starting alignment is the deity's alignment, if there's one

* Fire Ants and Bees become slightly easier and no longer spread diseases

Previous saves will not work!

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed the single missing rubonite ore
* Fixed a crash with the Ranger trap
* Fixed a crash with Apocalypse
* Fixed a crash when inserting an Amethyst into a ranged weapon
- Fixed linguist shop UI
- Moved Port Victory's stash's room

* Gold Pieces no longer use an inventory slot

* Spells take into account 50% of Damage Reduction compared to previous ignore, typically monsters have low DR, so this aids mostly the player

* Hit points are no longer randomized, they are now roughly the average of the previous minimum and maximum hit points
* Adjusted some Damage Reductions

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed a crash with the enemy curse spell
* Fixed a crash with the enemy resurrect spell
* Fixed a crash in the Black Forest
* Fixed the bug with the inquisitor quest
* Fixed a freeze with full rest
* Fixed Peaceful Mind belt
* Fixed the crash with Barons of Hell and Lemouchi

* Enemies cast confusion less often
* Named monsters chance increased from 1% to 2%

* New Class: Shaman
* 4 Main Dungeon Branches
* New Spellbooks
* New Scrolls
* New Monsters
* Monster overhaul
* Language system for Spellbooks
* New light/FOV system
* Level 1 Passive Talents
* Improved Class screen
* Customizable Color Palette
* Upload Standard mode victories and deaths

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed a freeze with the Regeneris Prohib Disease
* Fixed a bug where one could leave the supplies of the supply quest to the ground without picking them by exiting the west exit
* Camera no longer scrolls if the mouse is outside the window (fixed by newer libtcod wrapper)
* Fixed a crash with the Hawk Companion
* Fixed some prices being 0
* Fixed a weird bug with any cursed spellbook leading to casting the Warlock spell Curse
* Fixed a bug with Curse and Insect Swarm permanently lowering enemy stats
* Renaming the character renames the save file now too prevent an exploit with changing a name before dying to preserve saves in hardcore mode
- Fixed some shop UI misalignments
- Camera scroll region in the bottom of the window was one tile too small
- Fixed some bugs in Character screen
- Multiple minor bugs fixed
- Fixed Nature's Ring's displayed category

* New Class: Shaman; a caster class
* Branch system: the main dungeon contains one branch in each of the settings
* Languages added; you must know the language related to the spellbook, for example Divine Language
* A light source is required to make tiles explored indoors (does not apply to rogues because of the new Level 1 Passive Talent)
* FOV is dependent in outdoors on the time of day
* Customizable Color Palette; colors are loaded from an XML file that can be edited, possibility to have everything also as single color
* New Merchant; Linguist; sells dictionaries for learning languages
* Weapon Proficiency moved to Level 15 from Level 9
* Added a prompt to abandoning the character
- Improved Class description screens

* Regeneris Prohib completely prevents natural healing now

Online Features
* Ability to upload victories and deaths also in the standard mode
- Equipped items are shown as "(Equipped)"

* Each Class receives level 1 Passive Talent, either a new one or moved from another level replaced by new
* Fighter Level 1 Passive Talent: Armor Mastery; -5 Armor Penalty
* Paladin Level 1 Passive Talent: Aura of Resistance; +5 Resistance
* Barbarian Level 1 Passive Talent: Melee Mastery; +1 Melee Damage
* Monk Level 1 Passive Talent: Flagellation; +1 Damage Reduction
* Ranger Level 1 Passive Talent: Ranged Mastery; +1 Ranged Damage
* Rogue Level 1 Passive Talent: Dark Adaptation; ability to see in the dark without a light source
* Bard Level 1 Passive Talent: Jack of All Trades; +1 All Damage
* Cleric/Mage/Druid/Warlock Level 1 Passive Talent: Spell Accuracy; +5 accuracy to bolt spells
* New Level 21 Passive Talent for Paladin; Aura of Blessing; +5 To Hit Bonus
* New Level 9 Passive Talent for Gunslinger; Uncanny Accuracy; Bullets cannot be blocked
- Changed some Passive Talent levels

* New Area: The Ruined Archives; entrance in the Temple level 3, contains 4 levels + boss level
* New Area: The Forgotten Halls; entrance in the Catacombs level 3, contains 4 levels + boss level
* New Area: The Spider Caves; entrance in the Caverns level 3, contains 4 levels + boss level
* New Area: The Ancient Gardens; entrance in the Ruins level 3, contains 4 levels + boss level

* Monster overhaul: now monsters can have multiple conditions such as both flying and vampiric etc. compared to having just one previously
* New Monster: Possessed Archivist
* New Monster: Black Ooze
* New Monster: Shambling Dead
* New Monster: Overgrown Maggot
* New Monster: Huge Tick
* New Monster: Spiderling
* New Monster: Mushroom Patch
* New Monster: Venus Thorner
* Vampiric Bats drain only 1 HP instead of 3 HP
* Ghostly Miners can age the player
* All creatures that logically are hovering or flying are now considered flying in terms of traps and ground spells
- Monsters with a unique name no longer have also their normal name

* New Scroll: Scroll of Phase Door; teleport to random location in the current map
* New Scroll: Scroll of Healing; heals the target by 50% of the maximum Hit Points
* New spellbooks: Shamanic books
* New spellbook: Arcane Book of Magic Missile; replaces mage's Chain Lightning
* Chain Lightning becomes a Shaman spell
* All spellbooks of the same magic school have the same tile and ASCII color
* Characters start with one Lantern
* Characters start with one Scroll of Recall
* Lanterns and torches now work outdoors with giving a larger FOV at night
* Torches and lanterns have now different radiuses; Torch is +1 and Lantern is +2 to FOV radius
- Lanterns and torches last much longer
- Fireball becomes a 1d10 spell from 1d12
- Holy Nova becomes a 1d10 spell from 1d12
- Immolation becomes a 1d10 spell from 1d12
- Poison Cloud becomes a 1d10 spell from 1d12

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed a crash with Drain Life, Pain and Curse

* Ability to scroll the menus with right mouse click

* Balancing
* New color scheme

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Removed the save when closing the game from the window close; this caused some weirdness when it saved upon crashing
* Monster ASCIIs W and V & w and v were switched
* Removed the mention of the upcoming class Shaman in the level up screen
- Character screen displays now Dexterity bonus with musket damage
- Removed mention of non-firearm weapons with Dexterity description
- Multiple minor bugs fixed

* New color scheme: all colors are changed, mostly in ASCII Mode
* Added an explanation for the Attribute system to the Help
* Inn food is 2 GP instead of 3 GP to make it more desireable
- Game Modes renamed to Rules to make way for the upcoming content

* Increased the rate of gradual potion effects greatly

* Bees are slightly weaker
* Fire Ants are slightly weaker

* Autoexplore
* Single mouse click movement
* Online Features
* Traits
* Ranged combat improved with balances and new missiles and ranged weapons

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Rewritten Gold handling, fixed multiple wrong price calculations
* Fixed a crash when firing the last crossbow bolt
* Magical weapons found in the dungeon are too +2
* Fixed some targeting crashes when playing without mouse support
- Fixed a bug where time advanced too fast while passed out from beer or waiting during a certain quest
- Fixed a bug where recovered bolts were found at player's coordinates
- Added a missing dialogue with the Alchemist
- Fixed a bug with some monster spawns in the Flowing Cavern

* New Merchant: Fletcher that sells ranged ammunition
* Autoexplore; press 'e' to toggle on/off, toggles off also when seeing a monster
* Single mouse click movement over long paths instead of holding mouse button down
* No fast mouse movement if monsters are in FOV, movement must be done with single clicks
* Monsters in the path will be attacked if they block the path when clicking on other tile than monster
* Lowered all the gold amounts and prices by 66%, everything is roughly the same relative price but amounts of money in circulation are lower
* Months are added, each month is 28 days, this has no effect on game, but immersion
* Smith and Captain Shop prices fluctuate with possibly a different price each day if the same item is on sale
* If item is equipped, it weighs less when counting towards being overencumbered
* External Help .txt file
- Less loot in the Caverns
- Traps are triggered only once
- Ranged ammo must be equipped before using, excluding special ammo

Online Features
* Upload a victorious Hardcore character to the Hall of Fame at the website
* Upload a dead Hardcore character to the Hall of Fame at the website
* Main dungeon contains graves based on other player's Hardcore deaths
* These can be toggled off in Options

* New Missile: Stunning Bolt; -1d4 damage, but can stun enemies
* New Missile: Acid Bolt; +1d6 damage
* New Missile: Frost Arrow; +1d6 damage and in addition deals 150% damage to fire monsters
* New Missile: Leafblade Arrow; general bow ammo, +1 damage
* New Missile: Broadhead Arrow; general bow ammo, +2 damage
* New Missile: Barbed Bolt; general crossbow ammo, +1 damage
* New Missile: Diamondhead Bolt; general crossbow ammo, +2 damage
* New Weapon: Arbalest; 1d12 damage dealing ranged weapon
* Recovering arrows: Everybody can recover missed arrows with 33% chance, but Ranger talent allows recovering hit arrows too
- Muskets are no longer -5 To Hit Bonus because of misfire system
- Start arrows reduced to 48 from 100, start sling bullets reduced to 40, and start pistol bullets to 48
- Arrows are renamed to Bodkin Arrows
- Bolts are renamed to Bodkin Bolts
- Bullets are renamed to Lead Bullets

* Added 10 different Traits, that give different bonuses, upon character creation

* Arrow Recovery now applies to hit arrows too
* Arrow Recovery now applies only to normal shooting instead of also Multiple Shot
* Arrow Recovery has now 33% chance instead of 25%

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed memory issues when starting a new game after death
- Barracks are consistently made of castle wall

* New Item: Scroll of Identify Item
* Unique items must be identified before using, this does not apply to magical items
- Scroll of Uncurse Item uncurses a random item instead of the first cursed item in inventory

!!!!Saves from previous versions are not usable!!!!

* Alchemy Feature
* Extended Main Quest
* New Character Class: Gunslinger
* 3 new Backgrounds
* Weapons overhauled
* Difficulty settings overhauled
* Backgrounds overhauled
* Ability to take all ground items instantly

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed Hamstring's slowing
* Fixed bug with Scroll of Recall after the main quest
* Resting decreases Thirst as it should
* Fixed a bug when teleporting to god realm through prayer leaves quest items on the floor and forever gone
- Fixed Vault's targeting
- Added a mention of the chance to slow the target with Hamstring
- Fixed a bug with resting
- Fixed a missing location text when dying in the Enchanted Forest
- Fixed a bug with unequipping items that boost hit and mana points and the values not correctly negating the amount right away
- Fixed a bug when stepping into a teleport trap and doesn't move the camera to the player
- Added a mention of thirst reduction when buying a horse
- Fixed a small graphical bug when using a horse
- Oathbreaker sword now properly gives +2 STR
- Fixed missing shop names in signs

* Alchemy is added: potions can be brewed using recipes
* New Merchant type: Alchemist
* Health and Mana potion effects are over time on Hardcore instead of instantaneous
* Random character now selects difficulty at random too
* Ability to leave some areas without picking up quest item
* Start gold is randomized to 100 + 5d20
* Added "Take all" option when picking items from a stack of multiple different items
* Backgrounds have more distinctive bonuses
* 3 new Backgrounds: Romanthia, Taoquria and Aqkadia
* Penalty of firing into an adjacent tile increased by 5
- Map displays now the area name
- Difficulty settings are explained better

* New Class: Gunslinger: ranged musket focused class

* Additional quest in the main quest line

* New area: Mount Devil's Mouth
* Added plants that can be harvested for alchemical ingredients

* Point Blank Shot no longer affects firearms

* Adjusted the stat requirements of spellbooks
* Muskets have a small chance to misfire
* Unique weapons become +3 damage instead of +2
* Magical weapons become +2 damage instead of +1
* New Potion: Elixir of Levitation; only through alchemy
* New Item: Mortar and Pestle
* New Item: Distilled Water
* New Items: 6 different alchemical ingredients
* New Items: Alchemical Recipes

!!!!Saves from previous versions are not usable!!!!

* Critical Hit Chances become stats
* Age: Player Characters can die of old age (don't worry, it won't happen from in-game days)
* Ability to abandon game

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed the ASCII start crash
* Fixed the Stone of Recall system in the main dungeon
* Wolfs no longer can enter the same tile
- Fixed a bug with the Mage save filename
- Fixed saving correctly explored areas when entering the Cellar in Fairhaven
- Fixed a bug with displayed musket damage in Character menu
- Added thirst to the Character menu

* Game can be abandoned when exiting to main menu, it will delete the character save
* Game can be abandoned using the exit in the world, it will delete the character save
* There is now a prompt when leaving the world either by victory or by abandoning
* New Stat: Melee Critical Bonus; affects the critical hit chance in melee combat
* New Stat: Ranged Critical Bonus; affects the critical hit chance in ranged combat
* New Stat: Age

* New Item: Elixir of Youth; cures magical aging
* Magical items are slightly more expensive

* New Monster: Lost Soul; can cast Decaying Touch; magically ages player

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed stashing equipment

* Clicking the player no longer spends a turn, useful when not wanting to spend needless turns when arrived at mouse target

!!!!Saves from previous versions are not usable!!!!

* Further memory leak fixes
* Named shops
* Quest items separated from other items

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Multiple memory leaks fixed
* Fixed multiple companion placement bugs when entering an area
* Fixed a bug with stash when retrieving a stack of items
* Fixed a bug with Holy Nova damaging the player
* Song of Demoralize no longer affects party members
* Fixed a crash with a Talent animation near the map borders
* Fixed a bug when exiting the game without saving and it still saves
- Animal companions cannot open doors any more
- Summoned monsters should no longer spawn on top of enemies
- Fixed not being able to summon another ally in the same map
- Deva no longer takes damage from Aura of Holiness
- Removed pillars being marked as Area Transitions in Mount Dragon's Rest

* All shops, temples and inns have names

* Quest items are now in their own menu and don't use inventory slots

* Summoned monsters from spellbooks are more powerful

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