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Download this huge update to Gooblins! We've added a Shield using the second controller, and Grenades now do area damage. Lots of other tweaks to graphics and Gooblin behavior as well.

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Finally put that second controller to good use! Although they say the best defense is a good offense, we're sure you'll like using your second controller as this new shield! Completely block damage from plasma and fireballs, but Gooblins that sacrifice themselves on your shield will still cause damage. Shield overheating requires a quick cool-down, then you're ready to go again.

We've also given the grenades an area damage effect, which really makes quick work of Gooblin clusters. Work on your timing by launching a grenade with the gun grip button, then detonating it with the shield grip button. Careful not to mess up your combos!

One last word of warning - yellow Gooblins now slowly close in on you, so keep an eye out if you let them float unharmed for too long.

Good luck!

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