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MasterHero Mod 2.3.9 is Released. Update Now ! (you have to install new setup files)

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MasterHero Mod 2.3.9 Update Released (27-Feb-2020)


To get Latest Version (2.3.9)

2.3.9 Version Full Setup Below

MasterHero Mod HD 2.3.7

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Latest Update Logs:

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Massive Update 2.3.8 + 2.3.9 :- (27-Feb-2020)

# Design Changes:

* Added "Edain Mod Compatibility detector":
- First of all you have to know that Because Edain Mod and MasterHero Mod both have a "Disable Feature" in their Launcher, they are fully compatible with each other and can be installed in the same directory
- But in-order to play any of the two mods ( MasterHero Mod or Edain ) you have to disable the other mod.
- So If you decide to play MasterHero Mod while Edain Mod is Not disabled the game will crush and wont start, and Vice versa
- So I've added a tool to detect whether Edain Mod is active or not, so when you click "Play" button in MasterHero Mod Launcher while Edain is Active, a notification will pop up and it will tell you that you have
to disable Edain Mod first, and then it will start Edain Launcher automatically so that you can disable it quickly

* Added "FullScreen Borderless" Mode, found in "Windowed Resolutions" button under the settings tab

* Fixed FullScreen issues where the screen gets cropped in some cases for some players

* Added a button to open "Options.ini" file directly, from "Windowed Resolutions" button under the settings tab

* Replaced FRAPS button with OBS Under "Share" Button, it will install OBS if its not installed and it will run it if its installed

* Fixed an Issue where game wont start if you enable some expansions, the issue was found with Two Expansions: ( AI Capitan & More Starting Money )

* Move the button "fix startup error" found originally in Settings Toolbar to Help Toolbar button ( for organizational purposes )

* Removed Messege Boxes when Disabling the mod or when Activating the mod, and when Updating the mod, just to make the proccess a little bit faster

* Added [ Game Mode - "game.dat" Switcher ]:
# game.dat Switcher have Two Game Modes:
1 - Multi/SinglePlayer Mode: You have to Mount ROTWK CD Image but you can play Multiplayer with no Out of Sync Issues - and you can play Single Player As well
2 - Single Player Only Mode: Designed to help run the game with no ROTWK CD mounted image ( its only for Single player because if you played Multiplayer it will most likely cause Out of Sync Issues )

# Introducing A Smart ROTWK CD Image detector is embedded in the Launcher Also

* Increased the "Player out of connection" Time-out - this happens when the player have a connection problem while playing multiplayer with his friends,
and they have to wait only for one minitue before he gets kicked out of the game this is now solved,
you have now 10 Minitues so take your time to solve you connection problem and get back to the game.

* Added Windowed Resolution Option - you choose it from settings in the Mod Launcher

* Updated MasterHero Mod Logo

* Launcher Background Images Changed also

* Changed the Game Startup Background Screen

* Changed some of the Game main menu backgrounds

* Changed Mod Launcher Music to ( a Royalty Free Music ) in order to help creators in Content Creation if they want to record a video

* Added a Quick-Lunch Shortcuts for people having trouble Running "MasterHero Mod Launcher" ( they exists in ROTWK Directory )

* Forced Actual Resoultion is applied in Full Screen Run ( ROTWK resolution will always be same as you primary Screen Resolution if you play the Game in Full Screen )

* "No Admin" Problems are All Fixed - if ROTWK was installed in C Drive, You can run the mod Launcher normally with no problems weather its drive ( C, D, .. etc ) it wont matter the Launcher will always work
- before this updated, this caused issues where if ROTWK was installed in C Drive - you will have to run the mod as administrator, or it will convert to "No Admin" Mode, but now all of this is fixed
- NOW all of these issues are fixed, The mod will always work normally and does not need to be ran as administrator

* If you have ROTWK CD mounted Image, you can still run the game from the launcher and it will still detect the ROTWK CD Mounted Image
- if you are not familiar with this issue: it is a problem where mod launchers can't detect ROTWK mounted Image even though its actually mounted
- so when you run the game through the launcher it will say no ROTWK CD detected, but if you run the game from .exe it will work
- This is now has been fixed with a very Smart WorkAround, you Run the game with launcher and you shall have no problems

* MasterHero Mod is compatible with Edain Mod, both Mods can be installed in same directory, as both Mods contain Disable Features in their launchers, you have to disable one mod to play the other

# Gameplay Changes:

* New Updates to Ring Utilities of Lothlorien and Rivendell Factions

* Ring Utilities Details are now visible inside the game as a Spell Book Power ( it does nothing when clicked,
its just there to tell you what Ring Abilities the Factions has )

* Changed many Heroes Button Images and Portraits

* Added the Hero: Elladan, Elrohir, and Gildor to Rivendell

* Transferred Haldir and Oropher from rivendell to lothlorien

* Now Both Lothlorien Faction and Rivendell Faction can build a new building called House of Mirkwood Citadel
which can act as a fortress and produce Porters and the following Heroes: ( Legolas + Thrandill + Feren )

* Units and Heroes should run from Sauron, not challenge him !! ( not literally though, it just mean he is stronger now )
- Sauron Health Increased from 15000 to 25000
- Sauron Damage Increased from 1000 to 1600
- Sauron Mace Weapon Shock wave radius Increased
- Sauron Mace Weapon Shock wave amount Increased

* And of course Many Many Many .. Bug fixing ...

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.3.7 :- (16-Dec-2019)

* New Mod Updater Mainly to solve some bugs that were reported, also with better Splash Screen

* New Setup for Version 2.3.7 is online to avoid old version bugs and problems

* from this version onward, all updates will be through launcher

* Fixed All Errors Found in Harad "Evil Men" Faction Images and Portraits of Units, Heroes and Buildings

* Dwarves, Men "Gondor,Arnor and Rohan" and Angmar Wall catapults sizes Fixed to match walls size

* Expansion Circles Around Fortress increase in size to easily click on them

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.3.6 :- (12-Dec-2019)

* New Launcher Splash Screen that is responsive and smoother than before with new laoding style

* Launcher Window can be moved now ( Added a window control bar )

* Fixed BloodThirsty Special Power Where units are given too much Xp

* Removed "Molotov System and "Siege Only System" where normal units do a very very little damage to buildings
( now back to normal and no molotovs )

* Improved AI furthermore and fixed some bugs ( where some times HARD and Meduim prettey much do nothing )

* Made some improvments to make the mod more stable to prevent the game from Crashing suddenly

* Fixed an Error where People Surrounding the Fortress Must be killed in order to win the game

* Made Isengard Mine Detonate a little bit faster

* Fixed Wargs of Warg Sentry Runing Bug where they run with their leg looking weird

* Reduced Size of Wargs of Warg Sentry ( before they looked crazy big )

* Reduced Size of Isengard BatteringRam it was nicely big but it just seemed large than other units

* Reduced the size of Isengard Ladder

* Changed Spell book of Angmar spawn variation from Thrall masters to Dunadain warriors

* A little bit Reduced Size of Big Eagles

* Fixed Ugluk Auto Heal issue

* Fixed Ugluk Button Images and portraits

* Made All Spell Book Spawn Packs ( Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold ) with no Command Points

* Reduced Spell Book stone pack to 3 Random Units insted of 5

* Reduced Spell Book Silver pack to 5 Random Units insted of 11
( if the random selects Arnor Variation Only it will have have 4 unlike the others it will be 5 units and that is because arnor is a horde mini hero and not a unit mini hero)

* Made Fortress Eagle require only 30 Command Points insted of 300, this will probably cause an exploit to Elven Faction, but its ok since this faction is not the strongest

* Removed Elven Catapult, now the Ent Moot Produces Ents ( same as original )

* Enabled back Catapults inside Walls ( for Men and Dwarves and Angmar Only ) the Rest of factions still catapults are buildable as a saperate expansions away from the wall

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.3.5 :- (10-Dec-2019)

* New Version of Launcer and Mod Updater:
- Fixed Internet Detection Problems with the lanucher with both ( Launcher and Updater )

* New Complete Installation provided

* More Updates Coming Soon

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.3.4 :- (23-Mar-2018)

* Adding new Fix Button to fix the "Out of Sync" Issue that happens while playing multiplayer

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

Update 2.3.3 :- (20-Sep-2017)

* Introducing Mod Updater version 2.0 with Major Changes and Additions:

- added New splash screen for the mod updater

- added download speed meter

- added download size meter

- added download percentage meter

* Fixing some bugs and Updates reported by the mod players

* for those who have problems in updating to latest versions, you can download the latest version full in the latest installer updated

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

Update 2.3.2 :- (15-Sep-2017)

* Added Splash Loading Screen for the launcher as it take some time to load sometimes

* Art of Splash Replaced with Laucher Background Art

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
Update 2.3.1 :- (14-Sep-2017)

* Fixed Launcher RightHand Cut Bug

* Fixed some text bugs in the Laucher "Extra Money Expansion 10,000"

* Fixed some text bugs in the Game

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
Update 2.3.0 :- (09-Sep-2017)

* Fixed No Internet Problem

* New Arts ( Changed Almost all Main Menu Backgrounds and Launcher Backgrounds )
------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

Update 2.2.9 :- (07-Dec-2016)

* Fixed Some Uninstall Problem

* New Installer Provided , You cam install 2.2.9 Version Directly from ModDB webpage
------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.2.8 :- (12-Sep-2016)

* Fixed Some Uninstall Problem

* Fixed some Assets Problem (Pink Items)

* Added "Online Expansion" Schedule Button in the Launcher

* Fixed Some Problem with Online Expansion Conversion

* Changed the Background Color of Launcher Menu Items

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.2.7 :- (03-Sep-2016)

* Fixed Luancher Problem with Old Mod Files from Previous Versions

* Introducing "No Admin Access Mode" in the Launcher (You can play the mod without Admin Access)

# Normaly If the Game and the mod are installed in System Drive (Mostly C Drive), MasterHero Mod will Require to be ran as Admin.

# And if the Mod Luancher is ran as admin the Mod Launcher will function properly but the Cracked ROTWK CD Image will not work

# So to fix this error "No Admin Mode" is intorduced

# in this Luncher mode, you will be able to play MasterHero mod but without Most of Luancher Features

# This Luancher Mode is only applicaple if the Mod is installed in System Drive (Mostly C Drive) and you want to play the game with Cracked CD Image

* Fixed Ring Heroe Carthean Respawn bug

* Fixed Gothmog Weapon Radius

* Fixed AttackTroll Weapon Radius

* Added MasterHero Mod Ring Utilities Button in the Launcher

* Luancher Size Increased

* Fixing some Mod Launcher Disabling Issues

* New Setup Uploaded

------------------------------ ------------------------------
Update 2.2.6 :- (26-Aug-2016)

* MasterHero Mod Supports ( Windows Xp, vista, 7, 8, and 10) & Requires NetFrame work 4.0

* Fixed Lots of Models and Textures Bugs

* Fixed some Coding Bugs

* Fixed some Launcher Errors with windows XP

* Updated Launcher Style and added more speed and functions to the launcher

* Updated Expansions to the Latest Changes

* Updated Horedes Style to the Latest Changes

* Added Lots of New Textures and Graphical Changes

* Fixed some Portraits and Button Images

* Changed Launcher Icon Logo

* HD Remaster of almost all Textures < 80% of Units Textures are HD

* Redesigned Some Textures of Units with HD Textures

* Redesigned Some heroes Textures with HD Textures

* Lowerd Fortress Experiance Required to gain Fortress level

@ Reminder of Fortress Levels and Related Taxes System
# Fortress Level 1 = Civilians Give 100% Taxes (1 Money per second)
# Fortress Level 2 = Civilians Give 200% Taxes (2 Money per second)
# Fortress Level 3 = Civilians Give 600% Taxes (6 Money per second)
# Fortress Level 4 = Civilians Give 1200% Taxes (12 Money per second)

See All Mod Features here:

Main Features Link

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Download the new version now ..

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