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Doombringer is a first person shooter using the Darkplaces engine to create a game a kin to games like Doom and Quake. We are two persons working on this game and our first goal is to create a multiplayer proof of concept before tackling single player.

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So it's been forever since anything was posted here, and that was because the project was laying on ice a lot of the time. But about three months ago now another player joined the team and took up the role of programmer giving the project everything it needed to continue in full swing.

Since then a massive ammount of progress has been made (at least considering it being made by two guys in their free time).

Everyday we make more progress and it's looking more and more like a game.

A few videos has been released recently showing off some of the game and how it's progressing.

Here's a video of our first gameplay test in multiplayer. Worts and all.

And a few days later we released a video showing off some of the movement abilities of the player.

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