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We have a massive new patch with special effects that make the game more immersive and some fixes to make game play user friendly. Added factories, dams, and cities as well. Take a look at a video and read up on the new changes!

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X crsHere comes a MASSIVE update to WWII Online - arriving February 15th 2023! Includes the long-awaited TARGET voice channel which will be the new default, bringing combined arms communication to the game. Completed revamped audio to balance things out, and brand new special effects (visual and audio-video inside). Hero Builders receive an all-new exclusive - Hero Anti-Tank Soldier - equipped with a Bazooka, Rifle and Frag grenades. 28 new towns have been added. Hurricane kill bug squashed. And several polish items were added for a better-integrated voice comms (IVC) experience. This is all made possible by YOU the WWII Online subscriber - thank you for supporting our studio!

World War II Online

Version - February 2023

This release brings a few long-awaited IVC changes for players, 28 new towns, new special effects and a new Hero Builder infantry unit.


  • IVC Target channel added
  • IVC HC channel added
  • IVC Multi-crew channel added
  • IVC Squad channels will now be separated by their side
  • An IVC tab has been added to the Key-mapper pop-up (P) window
  • A new Hero Builder infantry unit has been added
    • RPAT w/2 rounds
    • Main battle rifle w/20 rounds
    • 2 HE Frag Grenades
    • 1 Knife
    • 1 Shovel
  • Sound effects audio has been equalized across all units and weapons, this may require players to adjust game audio volume in preferences
  • Matilda, Pz2c, Pz3, SdKfz 231 and Firefly crew members have been visually updated
  • The Triumphal Arch has been added to Brussels
  • Players can now damage the newly added Dams
  • New towns have been added: Chalons, Chalons South, Tilloy-et-Bellay, Attendorn, Sittingbourne, Sheerness, Juvigny, Conde Sur Marne, Les-Petite Loge, Bochum, Hattingen, Zevenaar, Elten, Bechy, Verny, Baronville, Francaltroff, Cuvilly, Montdidier, Lassigny, Ribecourt, Orbeval, Marville, Jametz, Vittarville, Rouen, Rouen East and Barentin
  • Tongeren has had new town walls built
  • Beauvais, Clermont and Willemstad have been rebuilt
  • Terrain tiles around Paris have been fixed up
  • Dover, Bergen op Zoom and Calais are now enlarged
  • Some river barriers have been moved under water with buoys added to mark them
  • Some in game Manuals have been updated
  • Genobrst has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial
  • A few new props have been added: Row Boat, Submarine, Aircraft Carrier and Swordfish
  • Double ponds with a creek and bridge have been added to Sittingbourne
  • Factories from Amiens and Abbyville have been moved to Rouen and Rouen East
  • All new special effects have been added
    • Create longer lasting VFX for artillery rounds that have no fireball
    • Create individual SFX for artillery HE shells
    • Create mortar specific VFX
    • Improve muzzle smoke VFX on tank main guns
    • Improve fuel fire VFX
    • Improve engine fire VFX
    • Improve frag grenade VFX & SFX
    • Create new bomb explosion VFX & SFX
    • Create new bazooka explosion SFX


  • Secondary "Hurricane" kill bug fixed
  • Fixed the bug that caused some building to disappear during town captures
  • Motorized Mortars can now shoot beyond 2,150m
  • Repaired the Beauvais-Poix-de-Picardie FB
  • Fixed the un-killable Stuart driver
  • The AB Barracks buildings now have a damage model

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us 37mm steam 3

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