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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Modding Tools Released.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Modding Tools Released

Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out this year, and is a collection of the three mainline Mass Effect games alongside all the DLC and many patches to bugs, visuals, and more. It’s a pretty solid collection and a must-have for any Mass Effect fan looking for an excuse to replay the franchise for the thousandth time.

The main antagonist of the series is the ancient and nigh-unstoppable Reapers

Of course, the value of any game collection goes up a lot when you factor in mods - and thanks to the creators of Legendary Explorer (shortened to LEX), modding for these games has just been turned up a notch.

Legendary Explorer opens up the playing field to modders considerably

Whilst many mods were made for the original Mass Effect games - Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM) being one of the more popular hosted on ModDB - it was a difficult process to create any substantial new content, and one that the older games simply were not built for.

The collection spans the entire story of Mass Effect, culminating in the apocalyptic third entry in the series

LEX features easier script editing thanks to compiling tools, level editing, and direct integration with BioWare’s plot system for editing the course of the narrative more comfortably. More features are planned, as well as stability improvements as LEX is in public beta and “not yet stable”, as their twitter reported.

That being said, the tools are released and ready to use. Many detailed mods have already been created for Legendary Edition, and as time goes on, we can only dream of the mods people may make with this powerful new toolset.

If you want to grab the tools, you can do so here. If you make any awesome new mods for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, be sure to share them under the new game page on ModDB here.

Emperors_Fist - - 1,098 comments

Great! Now I hope that a lot of the ME3 improvement mods get ported.

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