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Enough time has passed since the last update. And to date I have sold a surprising number of modes enough buns, that should suit you...

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At this point gameplay of mod ready by about 80-85%, leaving only flaws, bugs, and just a bit of unsold items. You also need to complete the main menu. With music, no problems. I also want to do the voice acting, but only in Russian) with my English can not do voice acting in English, and therefore you will have subtitles :) Okay, here we go:

  1. Nanosuit now fully automatic. That is not to have to click on the wheel, or the V, to switch modes (invisible, speed, strength, armor), armor is now activated on the Q, invisible E, left grip shift speed mode, space - jump, punch, or a button T , is a super punch. While working steadily, but there are bugs...
  2. Improved graphics. Shaders are set. Now the graphics in fashion is terrific. At the level of Crysis 3.
  3. New trailer :)
  4. I'm trying to make a custom animation (to make cool cutscenes with fights, etc.), if you are not hard, help for me, for I work completely alone, no I do not work, and to understand in 3ds max, I just no time) I will be very grateful :)
  5. FGplugin System. Well here without comment.
  6. Modification was now working on the original Crysis. Also without comment.
  7. New sounds.
  8. New levels. The first part of the modification will be 5-6 SinglePlayer mission's, the second even don t know yet :) Do not come up yet.
  9. New story. I wrote that story I changed, and brought to mind that the GG will be called the normal. Okay, I will do a small spoiler, the GG is the younger brother of Nomad. And actually after Psycho, Nomad and went searching for the Prophet. And brother Nomad panicked, and he goes in search nomad. All you see on yourself :) For now, I'll tell you the story, before the release, and then the meaning will not play. The ending will be like ... But okay I will not tell :) Just a trailer, where GG to be in space, do not think that I stole this feature of Crysis 3, which Ceph ship in orbit of the planet, I came up with it himself, before he learned that Crysis 3 The Prophet gets into space ... Okay, so many said that does not need to say so early) Actually, I'm not sure have time for a couple of weeks to finish the first part of the mod, but I will try, if so pull time.Thank you for what you like my modification, the news, I'll try for the shortest time to complete mod, remained generally only singleplayer levels to finish, the voice acting, a couple of intro movie's, adjust the gameplay, check for bugs, well, everything)

Generally, wait))) Good luck, and see you soon :)

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