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We have done some things, and we have a modeller[maybe].

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I made a friend system and teleport npcs to dark ages (Pictures uploaded) and draw about how would the ores look like, well I have never could draw more than stickmans but I tried it.

Friend System:

  • SteamID - Ready
  • Name - Ready
  • Status[Offline/Online] - Ready
  • Invite to party button - Not until party
  • PM - Not Yet
  • Remove - Soon

Teleport NPC

  • Normal - Question - Yes - Teleport
  • Skill - Question - Yes - Have x lvl from y skill - (if yes) Teleport
  • Gold - Question - Yes - Have z gold - (if yes) Teleport

We have a new modeller, he said the ores will be ready for the weekends, I really wait it xd

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