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The March 21st news update for Alliance at War. :^)

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Hey guy's, I hope you all are enjoying Alliance at War. I'm in a skirmish right now but I'd thought I'd pause it to post some news. I was asked by a few people about the photo I posted with the Venator's in skirmish, like why they can't get them, why don't I make them stronger, and why don't I use a different model. Well I didn't create a Alliance variant until after I posted the 2.1 update, and I don't know if I'll use a different model, I guess I could think about it though.

Land Combat
I said I'd work on land combat and I will, I'm just now getting to it though. Even though I like land battles as much as space battles - there is no reason why infrantry should take 20 rounds from a rifle when they engage each other.

Like I said before the last update was incomplete but I'll try to fix the rest before the next update. But it would help if people would point them out.

May the Force be with you.

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