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It's been a while so I made a video instead of writing a long article.

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Let's go ahead and start with the video. It's quiet because I had a pair of ear-buds plugged in and I didn't realize they had a microphone on them. The ear-buds came with my iPhone so I blame Apple for this technicality. In the future I will use them properly and sound will be better. :D

So yeah aside from that, the Facebook page has been getting a lot of smaller updates that tell about a lot of the things like Damage Types and the various game modes. Give the Facebook page a Like at for more updates and better responses to messages.

In the video, there are 12 upgrades shown out of the 13 available. The last one is the ability to swim but since water hasn't been remade yet in the game, it'll come much later.

Also since making the video, I remade LADDERS TO FUNCTION LIKE LADDERS SHOULD! I cannot recall one person who has played Demo 1 and didn't complain about how horrible the ladders were. Now you can climb up and down freely, dismount whenever, and shoot fireballs from the with ease. Like in Mario for the most part. I feel better with the new ladders,

Hope you like the update, there will be many more in the future!


I'm excited for the end product. :P

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