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New Version Released for Web, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms

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Today version 0.2.0 of Marble Maze is being released! Listed below are the main features added to this version.

Completed New Features List:

  • Added Checkpoints to All Levels (Player no longer starts from very beginning)
  • Added level counter and current version number to top left corner
  • Added Respawn Option by pressing "R" on Level 7 (Several players got stuck in corners of rails)
  • Added Ability to Restart Game on Last Level by pressing "R"
  • Updated Ending Floor Texture
  • Updated Ball physics slightly
  • Changed Ball texture and added glow

After its first week on the web, Marble Maze had 357 views, 290 plays/downloads, and 11 comments on, 72 gameplays on, and 15 downloads on Being that this is my first time working with these various sites, I think that GameJolt was the best platform to use because of their very active community, and great developer tools. I plan on messing around with GameJolt's API in the future to possibly incorporate some of it's features into this game and future games I plan to release on the platform.

Special Thanks to my brother Jared and my cousin Sammy for testing, D&M Games and MySecretWeapon on GameJolt, bonvivantone and Givvy on Kongregate, SamFisherRF on IndieDB, and Project Sash on YouTube for all your feedback and support of this game.

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