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Fredius' newest map Minhiriath. A 4 player map set in southern Eriador.

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Minhiriath was located between the Brandywine River on its northern border and the Greyflood on its southern border.
The Shire was north of the Brandywine across Sarn Ford.
The region called Enedwaith was south of the Greyflood.
The eastern border of Minhiriath was probably around the North-South Road.On the west, Minhiriath had a coast on the Sea.
The forest of Eryn Vorn was on a cape on the coast of Minhiriath.
-Tolkien Gateway
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A 4 player map with lots of land to fight on a few choke points via the various river fords.

Minhiriath was made by Fredius.His latest map he manages to take a little known location and bring it life this map is big with lots of places to explore and fight.

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