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Well, essentially it means the mod it's self is almost done, read on for some screenshots.

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So, yeah, you read the summary, we are so close to finishing the map, it will be uploaded on to the SVN in a matter of minutes as I write this. Scratch that, SVN server is failing. Uploading to our back-up source which will be kept confidential for now...

So, to give you all a little update, I'll summarize what exactly has happened.

So, after Teh_special_ops finished the original Blackforest, we were both extremely happy with the outcome, as we had a very realistic looking forest map. The only problem was, it was very hardware intensive, and we know a lot of BF2 players have PCs designed for BF2 and BF2 only...

So, we began work on another map, setting back development by a few weeks but ultimately designing it even more realistic than before yet more forgiving.

The map has been lightmapped to an extent, and the view distance has been turned down but kept reasonable for hunting.

Here are some screenshots our mapper took:


try applying your lowdetailtextures on your terrain textures..should take away the blurriness on the terrain.

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nice map

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