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List of maps supported by the mod. Includes supported external maps and potential future maps as well.

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This is a living document; it is updated as information changes.

Completed Mass Effect maps

Items that are bolded include a campaign mission.

  • Aeia: Island
  • Eden Prime: Spaceport
  • Europa: Vostok Station [DEMO ONLY]
  • Feros: Prothean Skyway
  • Noveria: Compound
  • Virmire: Trenches

Supported Sol Map Pack maps

The Sol Map Pack must be installed in order for these maps to show up in the Instant Action roster.

  • Earth: Luna
  • Earth: Pioneer Trails
  • Mars: Geryon Montes
  • Titan: Xanadu
  • Venus: Research Station

Other maps

These maps must be installed in order for them to show up in the Instant Action roster.

Future maps

Items that are bolded are currently being worked on.

  • Tuchanka: Arena
  • Rannoch: Highlands
  • Illium: Shipping Docks
  • Korlus: Wasteland
SHOGUN996 - - 973 comments

I love Illium. I hope for some Omega map too in future :)

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Marth8880 - - 1,780 comments

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SHOGUN996 - - 973 comments

Magic word? ,,PLEASE'' :D

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