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Latest map has been going well so i thought i would post the storyline:

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A few months after T2_Wedge the new republic has set up more gas mining stations and has begun mining gas for blasters.
you have been assigned to guard one of them.
one day you hear a crash and check the monitor....
imperial landing craft!!! you order all workers to safety and the troopers and you go to defend the base.
but you sense something odd about this attack......

You easily repel the imperial boarding party and destroy the enemy shuttle and check your losses.
after a few minuted you feel you should report this to command at the next outpost.
you head to the command room only to find the blast doors locked!
then a shot rings out! A sniper on the roof you just dodged it in time! you defeat him but that was no clone... "Those blast marks where too precise for storm troopers... you decide you should go to the comm tower and hack it to find out what is going on.....

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