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Hello, hello, everyone. This is an update, as news update. If you need any more information, it's below.

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I am glad to finally resume work on the modification, after months and then I do mean, MONTHS, of inactivity.

So. The Mansion, you ask? It's supposed to happen after the Wine Cellar. But unfortunately, it's a b*tch to make. And I'm not kidding. EVERYTHING has to happen by planes. No more placing nice 'n dandy tiles. Nope, now is the real work.

Considering MOST of the custom story will occur in the Mansion, and maybe even outside, this mod might take up to another 6 months to be finished. If not longer.

Also. We are looking for Developers, and Beta testers.
If you're interested in one of these positions, please give me a PM.
Before you do so, A few prequisitions are needed.
1. You must have Skype.
2. You must have a working Microphone.
3. Must speak understandable English.
4. Must be active.
That is all I ask.

As for the current team, this is what we've got:
Jake - Main Mod developer, and scripter/coder.
Mark - Interior design and small time map advisor.
Aaron - Beta tester.

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