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Hello, my name is Finn Haverkamp, and this is the official development blog for my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mod, Manifest.

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Ever since Blizzard released Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos in 2002, I have been playing and creating mods. In fact, playing mods made up the majority of my game-playing-time as a teenager. And though I have developed many mods myself, most never evolved past the prototypal stage.Put simply, I have a difficult time completing my own designs. With Manifest, I hope to break this trend.

Manifest is a turn-based strategy game developed by myself with the Warcraft III World Editor. In the summer of 2008, when I was still waiting for Starcraft II to release (each passing day brings agonies heretofore unkown), I began work on a little tech demo with the world editor, the goal, to see if I could make Warcraft III, a real-time-strategy game, turn-based. And it worked, sort of. But there were oh so many glitches. And then, that Fall, I embarked on a study-abroad semester to Italy, where I obviously accomplished nothing on the game. Last Spring was no more productive, completing my bachelor's degree and spending most of my time writing a Creative Writing portfolio. But when this Fall came around, I found myself jobless and living at home (and so remain now). And so I decided to begin work on Manifest again, the first task being to solve my primary glitch. Not much later, I solved the issue, an interesting story for another time. It was then that I finally saw Manifest as a completable game, and for several months now, on and off, I have been developing the game. Every day, I implement another feature or solve another issue.

This blog is dedicated to discussing the design and development process behind Manifest. My inspiration from this blog comes from others such as Smash Bros. Dojo abd the Wolfire Overgrowth Blog. I will publish a new post every day about a feature or trigger or design goal.

I think that's enough rambling for now. Onwards, to more interesting stuff.

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