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The first patch for the Pumpkin Prologue is live now. Want to know what has been changed? Read on.

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*** Maneuverability ***
- Increased base movement, animation and shot speed (100% -> 115%)
- Improved walking animation to fix the "floating ghost" problem
- Added animation cancelling for heroes

*** Resolution ***
- Added more windowed resolution entries for high res
- Fixed full screen streching bug for non 16:9 displays

*** UI ***
- Added a loading bar when starting the game

*** Pumpkin Prologue ***
- Fixed one of Quela's dialogue entries
- Slightly increased enemy damage in the early areas (~ 5%)
- Slightly increased boss damage (~ 5%)
- Slightly increased boss hp (~ 10%)

Play it for free here:

Full changelog

Some screenshots from the new version (this time played with a gamepad):

0.91.8, 1

0.91.8, 2

^ Did you know that you're able to upgrade your items at the blacksmith?

0.91.8, 3

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