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Breathedge. My chick and I in outer space. It's been a while since the man first got off the ground. Today it's just another daily trip of the humanity. There's even a Tesla Roadster driving somewhere through space. Our only remaining problem is oxygen, hunger and two left hands on one human.

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Imagine you're overboard in the open space, and your spaceship is falling to pieces. You were heading to take part in a peaceful funeral of your dear grandpa but ended up in the midst of an intragalactic conspiracy with the only living soul around. A wicked twist of fate brings you... an immortal chicken. Survival in space is like survival under water, but more challenging, more insolent, and way funnier.

Breathedge. Explore space. Fight for every particle of oxygen. Build and fix your station. Craft new equipment and gear. Hunt for food, oxygen, and resources.

Oh, and one more thing. Don't forget the bathroom.

Breathedge is a space survival game. All you need is breath.

Don't limit yourself to the obvious actions like eating or kicking down doors. It takes real creativity to beat up someone you just beat. We have a well-elaborated storyline, a villain, a princess, heaps of hilarious quests, your chick, grandpa's portrait, and something else in store!

We're working on Breathedge at full speed, and the space adventure will start this year! The game's got its own page on Steam. You can follow the development progress there and subscribe to our news.

Page on Steam:


Special regards and thanks to Elon Musk:

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