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Electric mammoths! And new physics-based movement that lets the player be pushed around by giant bosses, and run between mammoth legs.

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Hey all!

Good news. Mammoths.

Here's a video:

I finally figured out how to add colliders to their legs and tusks that also push the player away. So the player can finally run underneath bosses! It's a little jerky right now though.

The green areas are the rigidbody colliders. They have to be very tall so the player won't go on top of them:

They also have an attack where they bodyslam onto the ground and then shoot lasers out of their eyes.

I also added "poof" effects. Like when a boss does a big attack that stirs up snow and... poof.

I made a single particle emitter that the game manager controls. Monsters can request a "poof", and submit a hitbox. The game manager moves the particle emitter through the hitbox and emits particles.

Particle emitters can do this automatically, but I can't control their size/shape via script. This way, I can make any box-shaped collision I want, rather than making 50 different collision particle emitters and updating them all manually when I make a change. It also lets me handle all the "poof"s in one emitter, speeding the game up, and providing an easy way to limit the total particle number.

I'll probably do the same for other effects like blood when I start optimizing. Poof.

Here's another pic of the area I've been testing in:

Thanks for stopping by!


How did you do the fur, is it alpha planes on the model or some shader?

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TerraMeliorRPG Author

I used FurFX, from the asset store:

Really happy with it, although I do have to limit the number of enemies using it at once due to the extra draw calls.

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