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Mammoth Gravity Battles has started its Steam Greenlight campaign, to take the success of the Android release onto PC, Mac and Linux.

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Mammoth Gravity Battles, the hardest artillery game every invented, has started a Steam Greenlight Campaign :

Mammoth Gravity Battles takes a fusion of artillery and turn based strategy to the extreme as projectiles trace chaotic winding paths through the real physics of space-time warped by the gravity of stars, planets, block holes and wormholes.

Aiming in a simulated 3D gravitation field is NASA rocket scientist complex, something players will never have experienced before. Fortunately a robust single player campaign introduces the game elements one at a time. The players start learning about 2D gravity fields with all elements confined to a plane (same beautiful 3D graphics) before teaching them the chaotic wonder of the full 3D gameplay. At the end of the campaign players are ready to destroy friends in four player battles using all of the 16 different weapons. Battlegrounds are procedurally generated and a range of AI levels mean the game can be played again and again; each time a new emergent experience. Nothing beats the surprise when a shot orbits a star and hits you in the back or when you pull of a tricky shot through a wormhole.

  • Gameplay with realistic physics simulation of 2D and 3D gravity
  • Single player campaign
  • Procedurally generated space battlefields - never the same game twice
  • Multiple weapons - from standard cannon to mini-gun and rocket-pod
  • Destructible planets that fragment and stars that supernova
  • Multiplayer battles on one device, pass and play

Mammoth gravity battles has just been released to on Google Play store and will be available later this year on iOS, PC, Mac, Linux.

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