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Short version: The Malfunction story is going to be continued, which the 3rd Chapter is going to introduce something new to be sure to try it out when it comes! I've also updated the ModDB page for Malfunction so its much easier to know what this game is about. Survival mode has also been halted for now.

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Malfunction Update (6/11/15):

The game is back and in action! In this update I have a couple things to say.

First, the Malfunction Story will be continued, and in the upcoming chapter, it will introduce something new, so I would recommend everyone to try it out when it comes!

Second, I would like to feature a option to play Malfunction called "Seperate Build's" and "Preview Build's". The Seperate Build's will have all of the chapters in seperate downloads, which will overall make the file size smaller and would make the game less buggy. The Preview Build's will include ALL of the chapters in one game, which the file size will be bigger, and it is expected to have lots of bugs. Now of course, when the game is finished, the chapters will be in one big game, but the seperate build's is just for people who have already played the Previous chapters and don't feel like downloading them all again.

Third, Since I am continuing the Story of Malfunction, the Survival mode has been put on Halt. But no worries, when the game is finished, I will immediatley continue the development for Survival mode.

Fourth, As you probably have noticed, the ModDB page has been changed quite a bit. I have done this so it's easier to read and to understand. At first it was all just a bunch of boring text, now there are pictures being featured as well as Bolded/Underlined text.

and last, I would like to say that if this game ever finishes, and if people like it, I will try my best to put it onto Steam greenlight/Desura. That will be awhile from now though. Also, if your new, enjoy the chapters and give feedback if something happens.

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