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Sure enough, our weekly meetings have been a HUGE help! We've made more progress in the last 3 weeks than this mod made in the 3 years before that! (slight exaggeration probably, but you get the idea) The main thing holding us back right now is our lack of an animator, so go apply!

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Here's where we're at right now:
Modeling: RaptorRed is making good progress on the Utahraptor model. It is just about ready for animating.
Mapping: DI_Tropics (pictured above) is about ready, though it could use a bit of tweaking still.
Coding: I'm making good progress. We currently have one attack, and I should finish up an alternate attack in the next week or so. I'm happy to say this thing is finally getting close to a beta test after all this time. (it probably won't be a public beta, but we will likely be recruiting some beta testers from our forums, so go sign up!)

The number one thing holding us back right now is our lack of an animator. CrazySketch can sorta do some animating if we don't find anyone, but things will go much faster (and turn out better) if someone who really knows how to animate joins the team.

So, if you know how to animate. (or know someone who does) send a brief description of your skillset, what you've worked on, how long you've been animating, etc and a demo reel (or any video clip that shows off your abilities, doesn't have to be a demo reel, per-se) to

For more information, check out our job opening on ModDB: Animator for HL2 mod w/ Dinosaurs


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