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The release of the intro animation we've been working on, also some news on how the demo is coming together! More news on!

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Hey fans!

This is a bit of a special post for us, it marks a step forward in the production of our game and while it may not seem big, right now, all the pieces are falling together. In our videos tab you'll be able to see the animation that will play when you first put on your headset. With the Oculus Rift, seeing the nerve gear being placed on your head is something that just can't be explained, it truly is a great feeling and when you get to experience it, we expect that you'll feel the same way.

Same as always, I'll let you in on what we're up to. As a lot of the hardware side of things has been sorted, we've been working on some of the visual side of things, making sure that I don't say anything I'm not supposed to, I'll just say for now that the starting city is coming along nicely, especially since AI started reacting normally. Definitely expect to be seeing some of that in the upcoming posts!

Other than that, as we are indie developers, we have been working through professional modellers or programmers to do some small piece work here and there. This way, when we doubt our skills in producing quality work, we don't take chances and we bring in the pros to give you the product that you guys deserve! That being said, there is only so much we can do while waiting on other workers to hand in their projects, but never fear, we still have lots of things to do on our list!

A big thanks to those pros that have shown us the way in the time of dark and the work that they've given us and of course to each and everyone of you! Wouldn't be here without all of you!

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