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I'm working on making a giant space ship which will be a regular location for the beginning of the story. Working on making assets to insert into Unity to get a working 'playground' and more.

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Well, first things first, progress is being made when I'm able to make progress. I'm presently working a job to pay the bills and working on Sand Slag when I have the chance. So more or less, progress is slow.

As for my main focus at the moment... I'm working on a player character, so I can put it into the game and have it operate how it is I want it to. Also, the beginning isn't going to be on the desert planet, it's going to take place on a series of space ships that are unknowingly progressing towards the planet. The first playground for players will be a large colony ship. I've also been working on refining the idea for weaponry and it's taking a lot of turns, so weapon previews have hit a wall for now. This is at least until I produce a model I'm happy with.

I've continued my offer to the public to offer support for the game in various ways. I've not turned to PayPal donations yet. I'd rather have something I can work with and money isn't something I can really work with.

I've had a few people provide artwork, but a lot of it is of stuff from Gundam and Macross and Mechwarrior/Battletech. I can't use it for the sake of copy-right. If you want to provide artwork for me to work with, it needs to be of original design and preferably a proper concept drawing that I can work with.

I'm looking for weapons, if they follow traditional design, they will be pre-planet arrival weaponry. Also looking for mech/vehicle designs. Any designs work as long as they at the very least don't look like Robotech mechs. I think I appreciate more Battletech/Zoids design than Gundam, but it's all up in the air at the moment. If someone produces some very inspirational designs, I'll probably end up going that path. Battlearmor, mechs, tanks, trucks, cars, semis, etc. All manner of vehicle will be employed by the players. Finally landscapes... height-maps. If you produce a landscape height-map, I can put it into Blender quite easily. If you texture the height-map, I have a working terrain that you made. You can do as little as detail or as much as you want. I'm shooting for a high-quality game, so the more the better.

After I finish the colony ship design to the point I'm happy with and give out a preview of it on here and not just my DeviantArt account, I'll start work on an official design for weapons produced after landing on the planet.

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