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Comparison with the incomplete/beta version, and what is new in the remake.

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The unfinished version of this single-player map for FarCry had a lot of locations and a few cutscenes, but mission, radar points, save points, armed mercs, etc had been stripped out of the original ... or perhaps they were never made in the first place. Some of the locations were quite complex, especially the space station. My original plan was to add a mission, some radar and save points, to make it playable. Maybe take a month to do. It ended up taking a year, hundreds of hours, and working with my partner Lionel on design and quality. Even after all those hours, there is still a lot that could be improved.

So, what is different? A storyline was needed so the 'mission' could be planned. The story is, aliens visited the Earth in early times to recon for minerals and energy. Ancient peoples of the time built temples and worshipped them as gods. The aliens returned in modern times and attacked the International Space Station (ISS) on their way to invading Earth. Jack fought them off and boarded an escape pod. He landed near an Island occupied by a terrorist group and stole a missile to take out the Alien Fleet. This story line made the map too big, so it was split into three parts.

First all the broken triggers were stripped out. Most of the flickering textures caused by overlapping walls and floors, were corrected. Then all the non-working elevators were fixed. Extra AI were added and given equipment/drop packs, along with aliens for the ISS. Many new areas were added, eg. the Burnt Village. To fill out the story, mission, save points, radar points, TAB objectives and screen messages were added. Quite a few cutscenes and trackview sequences were made. The original outro cutscene of the missile firing was extended and ended with the credits and acknowledgements: Fireworks by Bass and Janzu; GTO logos by devmode.lua(that's a guy's member name,lol); Teaching me mapping basics was Purifier; some cgf.s (CrytekGeometryFiles) thanks to Tnlgg.

Credit also to crytek, I love working with their editor. Also Krateos29 of the beta development group ... unfortunately I haven't been able to contact him. And special thanks to Lionel, we made a good team!

The original version of Black Holiday can be downloaded from You need to be a registered member to access downloads though.

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