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A couple of words on programming, games and their mix.

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Looks like programming is a new literacy. It will be the same “must have” skill as reading and writing today. I see programming as a means of interaction, as an interface between users and evergrowing smart tech environment. Programming is ways more flexible and universal than current button interfaces.

Note, I’m discussing programming and interfaces, but not specific programming languages. That’s because text based language is just one of possible programming interfaces. We already have voice interfaces and, possibly, will have neural ones. There are also visual programming interfaces, based on data flow programming paradigm. They are free of complex text syntax, share similar intuitively understandable visual concepts of nodes, connections, graphs or anything else.

Having such a vision and programming skills in game development I decided to create a game in which programming is a part of the gameplay. My last attempt is a ‘Make it work’ game. It gives player control over objects, robots, and processes through visual programming interfaces. No code in the conventional meaning - only nodes and arrows. Visual code is represented as a puzzle which a player has to solve to make things work in the game. Currently, there are only four tutorial levels so that people without prior programming experience can try to play.

‘Make it work’ is a playground for elaboration and testing of visual programming concepts both in games and real life applications. The game’s visual code editor can be applied to any other Unity C# project. Currently, the game is not a full featured demo yet, but I hope it still can give a taste of the in game visual programming idea.

‘Make it work’ is my solo project. It took almost all my free time during the last year and I realize that having a team, sharing similar vision and commitment, would be of great help for the project. So, if you are interested in the cooperation within ‘Make it work’ or any other similar projects, or somehow can assist in the development feel free to contact me via IndieDB ,

here are the link to the game:

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