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There have been major revisions to our game for those who have been playing builds on the website. There has been expansions to the map, a revamp in the user interface, the HUD and additional items. There have been additional npc's in the works and a command system that is being worked on.

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  • floating islands
  • wolfs
  • dogs
  • unicorns
  • bombs
  • Adam's Grenades
  • eve's tomahawk
  • swords
  • villagers
  • block based ghosts
  • zombies
  • Hopfully removing the crazed overpowered zombie glitch (glitch revision 3)
  • knights
  • mercinaries
  • Minimap
  • kings
  • queens
  • mana
  • stamana
  • creation system (mining and forging)
  • Decrafting system (scraping items for parts)
  • Currency system
  • Command System
  • Chest system

    Coding Done
    Being Worked on
    Haven't stated or no significant progress

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