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Today my friends, we have a major content update, im not gonna spoil what tho, read to find out.

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Hey all, SomeGamer here, and i just learned how to code! thats right, ive done weapon changes, lets get the small change out of the way, the mp5k's mag is now 30 rounds instead of 50, to make it more realistic, i would show an image, but my screenshot software is being a pain rn, but i have gotten media of what i need, the major change i made was to the shotgun. thats right folks, its an actual aa12 now. i'll be shown in the video below

"now that is fucking awesome" - FPS russia. now, the version have half life blacklight has been changed to the opfor version of half life, giving us all of the opposing force weapons, and letting us keep some of hl's default weapons (like the revolver). but thats not it, its using the opfor updated version, which the main thing about that is a cool weapon kind of sway when you move around

ezgif 2 e8d253d3244f

alright, now last thing, as per usual for major updates, a weapon showcase

oh btw, the penguins are still in the game, the snarks are simply added in for shits and giggles, they are still usable thanks to opfor having them. alright now thats all for now. and until next time, farewell.

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