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New Major update with lots of stuff in it: - New maps and missions - Difficulty levels - New HUD - New characters - Mutants integration - New items - NPC caravans - New bubble message system - Much more coming soon!

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Hey there,

We wanted to let you know we just pushed another major update.
Here is what you will find:

New maps/missions
We implemented 3 new missions/maps. 2 of them with new winning conditions and an interesting twist to the standard missions.

Check them out below:

Difficulty levels
You can now choose what difficulty level you want to experience in the game. We have implemented 4 different levels. from Easy to Godlike, so you can fine tune the challenge you want to have in the game.

In order to change this, you can go to the "OPTIONS" menu and change it from there. Take into consideration, you cannot change this setting while you are in the mission, but you can adjust as many times you want in between missions.

We implemented a new HUD. We believe this iteration keeps the information and functionality we had on the old HUD but its nicer and better organized.

We need one more iteration (probably available in a few days) to adjust the size and resolution of this HUD, so you are going to see it really big now on the game, so don´t worry about that, it will be fixed and adjusted.

On the next few days we are going to adjust everything so you will see it more in the correct resolution and also we are working on the white skill icons to iterate that too.

New characters
We integrated 3 new characters. One female and 2 male characters. All recruitable from the different recruiting locations you can find on the map.

"Mutas" integration
We finally integrated the new race: "Muta" into the game. There are 2 recruitable and 2 enemies you will be able to find on the different missions and locations.

New items
We added a few more items. First we added a new set of armors that will improve your HP. And also some tradeable items that are not functional, these are for example, muta flakes, old books, mutt fur, etc. Their only purpose is that you can loot them and trade them for scraps in order to buy guns, ammo or armor.

New bubble message system
We implemented a new bubble system, additional to our cutscenes dialogues, to have more information while playing the missions. We don´t want to interrupt the experience of the combat, but we thought this would add more immersion into what is going on the battle and also providing some additional context to each mission and situation.

This is a first iteration so we will see how it feels and also looking forward to your feedback on how do you like it

Other caravans - Work in progress..
We are working on a new feature to have other caravans wondering around. Some of these may be enemies and some may be friendly. We are looking for a similar approach of Sid Meier Pirates or Mount & Blade Warband to give you an idea on how we think this feature will be.

You will see in this update a 1st iteration of this. Please let us know your thoughts,

SPECIAL NOTE: Please be sure to start a "NEW" game to have a better experience and avoid bugs because having old saved games.

Coming soon...
We are working hard to push another update soon and these are the things we are currently addressing:

New Maps

We are currently working on 3 new maps. 2 of them are secret. We don´t plan to reveal them to not spoil the story. The other one is a Subway Station. Here you can sneak peak our work in progress.

Balance and Systems iteration

We are working on building and improving the systems we have in order to be able to balance the game more effectively. This means, we are working on systems to customize the enemies easy and fast enough so we can make changes and improve the feeling and progress of the game in the different missions as well as the weapons, items, stats, etc. We are also making some changes to the AI, so they can have more options to do in the missions and changing how the aim is calculated among other things.

Other visual iterations and SFX

We are doing lots of visual iterations, as many as we can handle, which means, iterating icons, screens, windows, etc. Also we are integrating a new set of SFX and music so everything starts to feel right.

Right now, the balance of the game is non-existant, so don´t worry if you earn too much experience too fast, or some things don´t seem right, we are going to address this in the next month probably. We have rather focused on finishing all the features we wanted for the game to have, so we could leave for the "last mile" all the polish and balance.

We are getting closer to be feature complete. This means in terms of features we only have a few left that we would like to implement. After that, it will be all about balancing and iterating what we have, as much as possible so we can have a polished game experience.

And please don´t forget to help us spread the word, so more people join our AWESOME community, and collaborate to deliver a better game together.

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