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The dungeon is more alive and dangerous than ever, with new secrets, traps and improvements!

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I Can't Escape: Darkness v1.1 is out, and the dungeon is now even more alive! This is our first major update, and it includes a lot of changes, from improvements to combat to new secrets and traps. Even those who have already escaped and think they know all the secrets will be quite surprised.

Here's the changelog:

  • Many new tricks, traps and secrets (won't spoil them here).

  • Combat is improved, with enemy stunning and damage direction indicators (so you know what side you're being attacked from).

    Screenshots from V1.1

  • New abilities and secrets when on mushroom/ghost vision.

    Screenshots from V1.1

  • More moving walls (because the ones in the Living Wall Maze weren't enough)!

  • The ghostly messages only appear when you "listen" to them now - so they don't block the screen (especially on new games after you've already seen them).

    Screenshots from V1.1

  • Added a glowing sword that both counts as a light source AND can permanently kill the vine blobs! But of course, such a powerful weapon is very hard to get (harder even than escaping)!

    Screenshots from V1.1

  • Many other minor tweaks, bugfixes and improvements...

Old Save Files will still work, however, they will not include many of the new features, so we recommend you start a New Game.

I hope you enjoy these updates, and feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for future updates!

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