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Going over the main factions in War of The Shattered and their place on Archaeon.

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The Grand Orders

The Grand Orders were a contingency plan created by the Emperious Dynasty in case of a global war. They were mobilized a month prior to the Great War, and have gained millions of troops in the process. The are very religious and worship the One True God; they also utilize magic and mystical beasts in warfare. There are nine Orders currently: The Order of The Drake, The Order of the Eternal Flame, The Order of Retribution, The Order of Holy Light, The Order of The Forgotten,The Order of Inquisitors, The Order of Justification,The Order of Protection, and The Order of Frost. Currently in Ioclas, only The Order of Retribution and The Order of The Drake remain to defend key military and Ancient Human structures.

The Dragon Cult

The Dragon Cult was originally several tribes who were visited by The Four Dragons. The Cult worships Dragons as their saviors, work alongside the Dragons, and protect the Dragons. They believe they are to protect the dragons because they received the gift of fire from the dragons. The Dragon Cult is very well respected in Ioclas, and reside in the Great Desert region. Recently, the Dragon Cult had a civil war over teachings and beliefs. This left the Dragon Cult weak as they tried to rebuild their Empire at the start of The Great War.

The Order of the Void

The Order of the Void was formed when man first fell to the corruption of Darkness. Many soldiers from the Orders fell to the Corruption and formed The Order of the Void. The God of Darkness blessed many of the first traitors with magical properties and powers. They seek world domination and see Ioclas as a strategic position. They also seek to find the Ancient Human structures scattered on the land, to use their technologies to win the war.

The Emperious Dynasty

The longest standing empire on Archaeon, The Emperious Dynasty. They have the strongest military in the world, but have a corrupt leadership. Their king was slain several months before the start of the war, leaving the Empire in shambles. The new King is strong but many military leaders have left due to the Corruption of Darkness. The Dynasty remains strong in these dark times, but can they withstand the coming onslaught.

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