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im useing the summary as nothing hahahahhzahahahahahhaha the content like always

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okay today my computer crashed, but somehow when everything was deleted ....all jedi academy files were spared...THERE IS A GOD ...everything else was gone execpt everything ive been working on...kinda weird eh?

but an error ive been working on for awhile is the saber conbat system, for some reason, its an instant kill with one swing, saber realistic combat isnt on, so if someone has any info on how to fix this error please contact me ASAP

also some good news, GTK 1.4 works, our mappers are now working on some maps YAY
alsothe trailer for kotor mod
and for when you make a charater (story line wise) you will be working REAL jedi robes, unlike the jedi academy game (the acutal story line) you had to wear gay ass clothing, so jedi robes and kotor amour for everyone!!!

enjoy the update bath in this new knowledge


ps ingore the preview image,, posting news requires a preview picture and useally i use the stupid thing i made in paint, but since my comptuer crashed i lost that

ps.s everyone remeber, the kotor mod is so powerful it wasnt deleted when my computer crashed, IT LIVED, and will comsume your souls...and force powers, and later on your bandwidth


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