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A major change to the Endgame Content of SP2 Dotp.

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Hello everybody,

There's a major change ahead, it's about the Skill Tree and its Spells.

The point is to better customize your own Avatar with more options thatn normal; to do so the Bonus that you can get when you reach a certain Skill Rank, now is reachable by choosing the 3rd Tier Skills, the 3rd line from above when you go into your Skill Tree.

As example a Two Hand Weapon wielder gains bonus for choosing and reaching the third rank of the (HEAVY WEAPONS) Skill. Or a Mental Mage can get all of the bonus from reaching the (MENTAL MAGIC) Skill without must choosing from Mesmerization, Illusions or Enchantment either.

In small words you can get all of the Spell from a certain Skill Profency, and also the normal version of the Spells are enhanced, but reaching the 3rd Rank of that Skill gives your Spells a bigger effect. This will works for every Skill Tree Spells.

And a minor change is that the Party Faction, unfortunately are no more. Every Avatar has already its own SemiAvatars party when they reach lv.30, and adding them made the game too easy. However they're still inside the mod with thier own scipts, but unused. Maybe they can be used into another type of maps one day, we'll see.

Last but not least, someone is still interested in this game? I don't have got too much feedbacks about it and about the Endgame Content itself, something that works bad or questions about it. Anyone has still some interest in it? Thank you for you answers.


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