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After a long break, I decided to yet again come back to this mod. Here are my future plans for completing the California state.

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I remember reading in an old Ashes of Apocalypse interview that the mod is set only in a specific area of California - the desert portion. This got me thinking about what actually lays outside the desert area and wondering how the radiation would affect the people and places outside the Mojave Desert. Over the next few updates, I will slowly but steadily complete the California state, taking inspiration from the real-life California and existing established lore. Here are my plans for the mainland:

Faren Mountains: The treacherous and dangerous mountains, which form the border between Nevada and California, are ruled by the ruthless Scavengers. The highlight of this release will be the city of Icecape, based on the Necrom tileset. Other settlements include New Kogotel (a small Redchurch Temple village) and many faction strongholds on top of the mountain peaks. The Californian Shrubland island will be completely redone and will have more quests and NPCs.

Arthfront: This release will surround the southeastern part of California, which will finish off the Faren Mountains and include the beaches which border Arizona and Mexico. The highlight of this release will be Artfront, the last remaining beach city in California.

Heartlands: This is the first release which focuses on Mercenary territory. Will have a bit of every Morrowind region here.

New Balmora: The final release of the Mercenary territory which will focus on the city of New Balmora and some other smaller settlements.

UBA Swamps: This is an extension of the UBA territory and will include the town Oxide Town, among other settlements.

Red Savannah: The final release will focus on the desert part of the mainland, which has different flora and fauna to the Mojave island.

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