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Hello there,

one day i played They Hunger when i was a kid it was scary as hell, i was not privy in modding era yet but i was thinking if it is possible to change it's gameplay. I must say that i really forget about everything which was related to They Hunger. So after many years i remembered this game but unfortunately i forget it's name. So someday i was at my friend's home and i saw he's playing game which remind me to They Hunger, i asked him how this game is called and he said "They Hunger". Yeah, i felt just like back in time i played every single part

Okay so now you say : "Okay dude, why the hell you're telling us that ?"

Answer is simple : "Now i know how to change it's gameplay and tune it up !"

So better will be if i will follow to next part i prepared about mod.

The main goal of this mod is to recreate They Hunger as a mod, but another way than it was made 1999. In this mod we have combined three things, not two as usuall. In most of horror first person shooter's main goal is to kill enemy and scary him at the same time with horde of stupid zombies comming to him slowly, but it's getting booring, isn't it [no, seriously] ? Third objective we added is just simple : logic. In our mod we made gameplay harder and more realistic, 30% of them are just little details that can really make gameplay more realistic and forcing to use your brain. With those simple details your 'mental side' can be easily broken. Okay, enough for simple desc. (Yeah i know that I'm bad writer)


Just one thing (will tell more tommorow or later), on A LOT OF moddb pages i saw "UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE" in comments. The thing that I am a developer of this mod doesn't mean that I'm inhuman and i should work 24/7 without taking poop or going on pee.

I saw that enough when developing Go-Mod and i wasn't fighting with trolling only, i was fighting with piracy too and I'm just full of this.


When this mod will get popular (i wish it will, i will try to prepare some extra stuff very often [well not very, just often]) i will host official forums.


Do not look on main header image or first screenshot if you're looking for first feeling to see how this mod will look in future [first feelings are fallible sometimes ya know ?]. I know it is not ESTETIC (Estetic, haha, nice joke) but my brain is down after studying maths today. I will fix it as fast as i can because i do not like when things do not look ESTETIC (love that joke... yeah that's not joke, you thought right)

Now chill out and wait for some stuff here : )

@EDIT : Sorry guys i had much to do, but i codded a lot. Can't really show you what i did because i need to make format.


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