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In these days I worked some more to finally complete the Main Menu and add the missing options (Settings, Trivia and Memories), also added a screen to pick a language (only Italian and English will be available).

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In these days I worked some more to finally complete the Main Menu, the graphics and some basic functions (New Game, Load Game, Credits and Quit) were already working before.

One of the new things I added is the possibility to pick two languages (Italian or English) which generates an INI file with the choosen option (either "it" or "en").
The same INI file is used by the Settings screen as well, I made it so that it shows both audio and video options in the same screen, since the lack of options considering the kind of game (there's no point in adding extra options like "Dynamic lighting: ON/OFF" just to fill the screen if there are no dyanamic lights to begin with).

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I also added "Trivia" and "Memories", both options are fully working but since the game itself is not completed yet, not all options are shown, while both are optional to view, they're part of the game to better understand the "plot".
When gaining clues within the game, some items may also add a "Trivia", which explains pretty much what an item is or some random facts about it.
Once you gain enough clues, a Mini-game is unlocked and once you win it, a memory is finally unlocked (which is the main goal of the game), those memories will be viewable from "Memories" option.

Update03 Update04

Thanks for reading so far, if you have any suggestion or opinion I'd be happy to read it.

You may also follow the development (of this game and in future others) on the official Facebook page: Draakhex

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