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Renegade Modificatus

My Forum Hosted on MODDB (not much here yet, you can help by adding to it)

Revora :
Thuddo's Revrora forum, once an AI only forum, it's long since expanded to become a new relic news used by large portions of the dawn of war community

Adeptus Modificatus (green_scorpion)
A great Group and forum Hosted on MODDB with some nice content and some helpful articles.

Adeptus Modificatus (relic news)

The long lost forum which contributed to the early success of the Dawn of war modding community, things haven't been the same since this and DOWFIles were lost.

DawnofWarFileFront (file content still available on Gamefront)

Once the place for uploading Dawn of war mods and also screenshots which were occasionally featured on Pic Of The Day unfortunately the website received a number of updates which made it slower to use, eventually it was retired in favour of using the file host GameFront directly. (somewhere online an archived version did briefly exist, if you're lucky enough to ever find it, have a laugh looking at the comments section under some of the mods, a few of the discussions were quite amusing, atleast retrospectively, my personal favourite being when ThousandthSon hated the idea of purple fx for dark eldar in the 'demonic eldar fx pack' only for soulstorm to later arrive with it's dark eldar faction having all purple fx, ironic (a few of us used to think some of Relics devs did it for a laugh after reading that comment section))


The new home for a lot of current dawn of war modding work

A helpful looking tutorial for anyone trying to make models


Other stuff

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