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A brief overview of what's currently in the mod and what it's about. The highlight of the mod is the use of corruption mechanics for the rebel faction. Probably the way it should've been in vanilla since the start.

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Main Features:
-The Rebel faction now utilizes the corruption mechanics renamed "rebellion". You can spread rebellion to other planets without going through the story missions.
Rebellion is spread by infiltrators. The black market mechanics are not utilized
-The Empire can now build ISB agents to remove Rebellion slower but more cheaply than heroes. ISB agents have a limited build number.
-Consortium no longer uses corruption and the AI is hopefully not borked out on the galactic level.
-The speed of all space projectiles was doubled and the range for fighter weapons was increased. Torpedoes have a slight damage nerf.
-All fighter squadrons now have 10 ship formations
-Laser weapons behavior significantly changed. Laser weapons now do damage in a radius when they impact on the hull, doing moderate damage to nearby hardpoints and a
little damage to far away hardpoints (damage of a laser is distributed in tiers across all hardpoints within a radius. Total damage of the projectile is preserved.
aka, there is no "extra" damage). Full damage is dealt to a single hardpoint on a direct hit. The effect is more noticeable on ships with closer together hardpoints.
What you should see is that ships will have more of their hardpoints online even though they are low on health. Ships will now be destroyed more "organically"
and degrade in a more catastrophic fashion by greatly reducing "overkill". An unintended consequence is that fighter squadrons can instantly disintegrate all at once
if enough large weapons are concentrated on them at once. I've done some tweaking to hopefully mitigate this.
-All ships have 20-30% more HP than the health contained in their hardpoints. This means you should be able to retreat ships from the front line even if all their
hardpoints are gone.
-Changed tactical camera to be more zoomed out and have a better angle
-Increased build queue to 10 units/researches (only still 5 visible at a time)

Planned Features:
-Changing tactical camera to be more zoomed out and have a better angle
-Replacing infantry squads with "battalions" (partially implemented)
-Combined arms ground units
-Adding a second resource "fuel and war material" in combination with "supply depots"
-Some new ground and space units
-Shipyards and other space structures
-Doctrine upgrades which are exclusive of each other and provide diverse gameplay ramifications that suit the playstyle of the player

Expect a demo in a couple of days on modb and steam

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