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A notice regarding the sudden disappearance of the main game client. It is being reposted as we speak.

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Hello, mechwarriors!

Alright, for whatever reason, the main game client was absent from this page as of this morning, but it's back up now!

I certainly didn't remove it, and I received no notice as to its removal.

So, we put it back up, and as of now, it has been reauthorized by ModDB, and I have yet to receive any notice otherwise, so I'm assuming everything is okay.

In the event someone feels a violation has occurred, I want to say that proper credit was given to the original development and publishing firms, FASA, Microsoft, and MekTek, which at the time, Smith and Tinker possessed the rights over the game.

I take no credit for myself except for the custom decals and variants.

I'm not in this for the money because there is no money involved. I am not here for profit, and as far as I have gleaned in my research, this product is no longer being produced by Microsoft, and yet was authorized for free distribution in April 2010.

Furthermore, FASA's main ModDB page has full versions of MechCommander Gold up, so I can't possibly understand why this file was removed from my page.

By the way, this page had the developer title changed from my name, "WhiteWolfReborn," to FASA Studios, which I really appreciate because I couldn't figure out how to do it myself in order to give them credit.

This page is not meant to compete with Piranha Games and Mechwarrior Online. It is not intended to deprive any corporation of profit-the game is no longer being produced or sold by Microsoft, so you can't make profit off of something you're not manufacturing, nor selling...

More and more people are piling into Clan Coyote's lobby on GameRanger, and they have all come from here.

So let's be nice and let people play the game, ja?

I might have to make some calls if this happens again...

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