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Updates...everybody loves updates!! Here we go, time for another update. Listed below is a detailed description of what players can expect with the release of 4.0 for the lite version, and a sneak preview of what is to come in the full version.

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With the release date eminent, we decided to update the lite version and offer one of the main features that will be in the full version. We plan to release version 4.0 sometime here, midway through the fourth quarter (December). We have been trying to ensure that, while the player is performing the suits defensive moves, that they are encouraged to actually 'manage' their resource (Magna). The all new HUD system acts as a heart monitor, or a EKG that will alter the players heart rate as your juice is being used to overcome enemies and puzzles.

Underneath Damon's (the playable character) EKG is a bar that displays the amount of Magna you have readily available in three segments. Once a segment is depleted it flashes and grabs your attention to stop doing what ever it is that you are doing because....well your about to die! and if you played the demo then you already know how painfully frustrating it is to lose halfway through the level. No longer are you required to babysit the top of the screen and watch numbers jump up and down, or 'guess' as to when your exhausting to much power. In this initiative, we hope the player can enjoy playing the game in full screen.

As we get closer to the release date of the full version, we will keep you updated with more news and other content. Be sure to Like us on facebook/outerspacestudios and follow us on Twitter@outerspaceteam for constant updates and to check on the status of the studio. Also we would like to see you provide your feedback from the demo, trust us your voices need to be heard!

Thanks and enjoy....

Executive Producer

Terrance Morehead

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