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Put on your jumpers and gloves, it's time to enter the Ice World!

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Welcome back to another Magnet Monday! First off, the alpha hasn't gone anywhere so if you haven't tried it out yet you should absolutely do so right now! You get 7 stages to play around in as well as the opportunity to yell feedback at me long before the game is actually out.

Magnet Man Adventures Alpha 1

Right, moving away from shameless promotion and to what I managed to get done this week! First of all, I tightened a few more screws. I noticed that I somehow managed to forget about adding any kind of Game Over code, so I fixed that. There was also a somewhat stupid bug concerning the wind zones; if you jumped inside a wind zone it would stop affecting you, rendering the entire gimmick pointless. Finally, I added a new enemy:


Bouncebot gonna bounce.

As you'd expect, you can push it away with your magnet powers and have it bounce all over the stage. At least until it hits a wall or ceiling that is.

Speaking of stages, I've started work on the next world: Ice World! I love coding stage gimmicks and gameplay mechanics so I had fun moving onto this new set of stages. Let's take a look at some of the stuff that's going on in them, shall we?


Of course you've got to have the obligatory slipping-on-ice. But while it's usually just used to mess up the controls and hinder the player, in Magnet Man Adventures you can actually use it to your advantage: Less friction means less deceleration, so if you find a magnet to push off of you can slide through the level at really high speeds...


...unless you run into one of these guys. Skaterbots (represented here by a stylish purple square) slide around on ice and start chasing you when you step on it. To defeat them, you simply have to lure—or push—them off the ice and they'll go flying.


Next up in our rogue's gallery are penguin bots. They're content with jumping around all day and will generally leave you alone. You just have to make sure not to jump into them, as that will probably lead to you plunging into icy water.


Or you could just push them onto solid ground of course.

Finally we have some stage hazards. Snowballs will crush you, while icicles will leave pointy holes in your skull if you don't move out of the way. Neither of these can be manipulated via magnets, so just lay low and try to scoot by as fast as you can.



And that's about all I got for this week. It was a pretty productive one and I doubt I'll have this much to show next week, but I guess we'll see. Until then, play the alpha, follow me on Twitter, drink your milk and be awesome to one another!

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